System Requirements

  • Pentium class computer.
  • VGA or higher display.
  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (Legacy runs on newer Macs with Windows installed under Bootcamp, Parallel or Fusion . Legacy runs on Linux machines with a Windows emulator like VMWare or Sun's Virtual Box)
    Note: Runs on both 32bit and 64bit Windows platforms.
  • A Hard Disk room for at least 500 megabytes of available space.
  • 8 GB of RAM minimum.
  • A mouse.
  • Internet connection recommended.
  • Internet Explorer 7 or newer if you want to use the Bing Mapping feature.


  • All information windows are resolution independent. As you stretch forms larger, the controls and fonts readjust automatically. All changes are remembered between sessions.
  • All grid lists can be zoomed in and out.

Source Documentation

  • A complete source citation system is included for documenting the sources of information.
  • Legacy SourceWriter™ will help you prepare properly formatted sources regardless of your expertise. Simply fill in the fields and Legacy creates the footnotes, endnotes, and bibliography for you, following industry standards.
  • The Source Clipboard feature lets you assign sources to specific pieces of information with one click.


  • Using Microsoft® Bing™, Legacy will automatically pinpoint and plot important locations in ancestors’ lives from within Legacy. See 3D, satellite and bird’s eye images of where your ancestors lived. Now it is easy to track your ancestor’s migration.

Interview Center

  • Legacy has the perfect questions to interview your family. Choose from hundreds of carefully pre-written interview questions and memory triggers to help you capture their memories before it is too late, or write your own questions to be included.

Legacy Home

  • The Legacy News box brings you articles and announcements about genealogy-related subjects.
  • The To-Do list lets you enter tasks you would like to be reminded of.  These reminders are displayed on the day you specify and remain visible until you reschedule or cancel them.
  • Birthdays and anniversaries for individuals you specify can be displayed so you don't forget important dates.
  • The Statistics box displays the number of individuals, families and sources in current family file.
  • The Updates box shows the current Legacy version.  If a newer version is available, it is also shown along with a Download Now! link.
  • The Support box gives provides easy access to a variety of technical support options as well as training material, bug reporting and submitting suggestions.

Family/Pedigree View

  • Up to six Family/Pedigree View windows can be opened at the same time. This allows you to view different parts of the same file at one time.
  • You can have two different Family Files open simultaneously. This lets you compare two files side-by-side and copy information from one to the other.
  • You can easily copy people from one file to another using our Drag-and-Drop feature.
  • Right-clicking on any element pops up a menu containing the currently available options.
  • Nine levels of individual tags and nine levels of marriage tags are available for marking various subsets. These can be used for reports and exporting purposes.
  • Pop-up lists are immediately available from Family View:
  1. Spouse List
  2. Siblings List
  3. Notes (general, research and medical)
  4. Picture Gallery (individual and marriage)
  5. LDS ordinance list
  6. Source citation list
  • Pedigree View shows the spouses, children and siblings of the current individual.
  • New individuals can be added in either view.
  • Up to 200 bookmarks can be set on individuals allowing quick return to specific persons. A bookmark list can be displayed.
  • History List tracks up to the last 200 individuals displayed. (Similar to bookmarks but automatically maintained.)
  • Bubble Help is available for most features when the mouse cursor is over them. (This can be turned off in the Customize section.)

Descendant View

  • Displays the current person and all his or her descendants in chart form for a given number of generations.
  • Each name is color-coded to show gender.
  • Many columns of information can be selected to include in the table.
  • Highlighted individual can be edited.

Chronology View

  • Shows the current individual and all the surrounding events associated with this person.
  • All events are arranged sorted order so you can see what affected this person throughout his or her life.
  • Shows current individual's birth, christening, death and burial information.
  • Shows his or her individual events, marriages and marriage events.
  • Shows birth of children, parents, and the individual and marriage notes.

Index View

  • Displays all the individuals in your family file.
  • The information displayed includes the record number (RIN), full name, sex, and the birth and death date and place.
  • The list also shows any AKAs that individuals might have when Include AKA option is selected.
  • Alternate names are shown with a leading tilde (~) so you can tell the difference.
  • The columns can be customized to display many different pieces of information.

Research Guidance

  • Legacy helps you review the ancestor’s timeline, to be certain that you’ve already recorded everything you know about the ancestor.
  • Legacy suggests preliminary survey sources to help you learn if the research is already in progress by another researcher.
  • Select your goal, and Legacy provides a list of prioritized research suggestions to help you accomplish your goal.
  • Legacy organizes the sources into a To-Do List so you can track your progress and never forget important tasks.


  • Unlimited alternate given and surnames
  • Unlimited events
  • Address entry for each individual
  • Title prefix and suffix

Name List

  • Lists all individuals in the current Family File along with their RIN, gender and three tag settings.
  • Eight other pieces of information are also shown for the currently highlighted individual. These can be changed at any time.
  • The personal information for any individual in the list can be edited.
  • Advanced tagging feature lets you tag an individual, their immediate family, all their ancestors, all their descendants, everyone in the current family line or everyone in the name list.
  • You can search for any individual by starting to type their name in the Find box.
  • You can jump to surnames beginning with a certain letter by pressing the appropriate letter button.

Marriage List

  • List all marriage records in the current Family File including their MRIN and tag settings.
  • You can edit any husband's or wife's information or their marriage information from the list.
  • You can search for any husband or wife by starting to type their name in the Find Husb or Wife box.


  • You can search for specific individuals or groups of individuals.
  • You can have them displayed in the Family/Pedigree View or have a grid list generated.
  • Consecutive searches can either replace or add to existing search lists.

You can search using the following methods:

Query by Example - Just fill in the information to look for. You can specify Exact, Starts With or Anywhere in field.

Detailed Search - Specify exactly what to look for and where. Multiple search criteria can be used. Search method can include Equal To, Not Equal To, Contains, Starts With and Sounds Like (which uses standard Soundex codes). Multiple conditions can be combined using AND and OR.

Miscellaneous Searches - There are various specialized searches available:

  • Search by Focus Group: Can include individuals, families, ancestor and descendant lines.
  • Oldest Direct Line Generation: Creates a list of all the individuals that are in the oldest direct-line ancestor generation of the current individual. This could be one or more individuals.
  • Youngest Direct Line Generation: Creates a list of all the individuals in the youngest direct-line descendant generation of the current individual. This could be one or more individuals.
  • Direct-Line Ancestors with No Parents: This lists includes the individuals at the end of all direct ancestor lines of the current individual.
  • Direct-Line Descendants with No Children: This includes all individuals at the bottom end of all direct descendant lines of the current individual.
  • Linked Individuals With No Children: All individuals that are linked to someone else but don't have any children linked to them. These are at the bottom of all descendant lines in the Family File.
  • Linked Individuals With No Parents: All individuals that are linked to someone else but don't have any parents linked to them. These are at the top of all ancestor lines in the Family File.
  • Unlinked Individuals: All individuals in the Family File that are not linked to anyone else.
  • All Records With an Individual Tag Level of x: Creates a list of all the people who have been tagged at a specified level.
  • All Records With Bad Dates: Creates a list of all individuals who have one or more dates that are not in a recognizable date format. These are usually individuals that have been imported from another source.


  • Legacy includes a pop-up calendar containing a month and year calendar ranging from 1700 to 2099.
  • It also contains a date calculator that can be used to figure birth and death dates as well as ages.


  • A complete context-sensitive help system is available at all times by pressing F1 or by pressing any Help button.

Pictures and Sounds

  • Any number of pictures can be linked to an individual, marriage, event, place or source.
  • A sound file can be linked to each picture.
  • Pictures can be enlarged over 2000%.
  • Pictures can be converted from one graphic format to another including:
  • Pictures can be rotated, flipped and flopped
  • Pictures can be converted to gray scale
  • Adjustments can be made to brightness, sharpness and contrast
  • Pictures can be printed on many reports as well as in a photo album
  • Pictures and sounds can be displayed in a slide show format with various dissolve effects between pictures
  • Pictures can include captions, dates and descriptions
  • Screen saver made up of your favorite family photos

To Do List

  • Track important research, correspondence and general task that need to be done
  • Specify exactly how you want the list sorted, filtered and printed

Address Lists

  • Three types of address lists: Mailing, Repository and Event
  • Maintain mailing addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and Internet addresses
  • Print address labels and name tags from the address list
  • E-mail and Internet addresses are enabled. With a click you can send a message or connect right from Legacy.

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Each report has many options that can be selected. Common options to all reports include:

  • RIN Numbers
  • Christening Date and Place
  • Notes
  • LDS ordinance information
  • Printing orientation, line spacing and font size.

The following reports are included:

Family Group Sheet

  • Selected blank lines can be removed.
  • Multiple families can be printed at once, including tagged families and focus groups that can include ancestor lines, descendant lines, etc.
  • Pictures can be included for the husband and wife in various sizes, including captions and descriptions.
  • Page numbering is controllable
  • A sorted index can be created

Descendant Report

  • Specify number of generations
  • Indentation between generations can be set
  • Boxes can be printed around names and can have drop shadows
  • Duplicate lines can be suppressed

Ancestor Report

  • Same as Descendant Report

Chronology Report

  • Current individual
  • His or her birth, christening, death and burial information
  • His or her individual events, marriages and marriage events
  • Birth of children, parents, and the individual and marriage notes.

Timeline Report

  • Print for ancestors or descendants of any individual
  • Specify number of generations
  • Specify number of years across page
  • Specify average life span for individuals with missing birth or death dates

Pedigree Chart

  • Four, five or six generations per page
  • Cascading charts to any number of generations
  • Specify starting chart number
  • Boxes can be printed around names and can have drop shadows
  • A sorted index can be generated
  • Duplicate lines can be suppressed

Lineage Report

  • Pictures of main individuals can be included
  • Specify number of generations

Individual Reports

  • Multiple individuals can be printed at once, including tagged families and focus groups that can include ancestor lines, descendant lines, etc.
  • Pictures can be included in various sizes, including captions and descriptions.
  • Page numbering is controllable
  • A sorted index can be created

Ahnentafel (Ancestor) Book

  • Duplicate lines can be suppressed
  • Pictures can be included in various sizes, including captions and descriptions.
  • Underlines can be printed in the place of missing names
  • Specify number of generations
  • Include a Title page with picture and other layout options
  • Include Table of Contents in various formats
  • Include sorted index in various formats
  • Font names, sizes and attributes can be set for each section of the book
  • Can start a new page after every generation
  • All paragraph indentations are adjustable
  • Margins are all adjustable
  • Heading position and justification are adjustable
  • Three formats are available for generation subtitles

Modified Register (Descendant) Book

  • Same as Ahnentafel Report

Descendant Narrative Report

  • Same as Ahnentafel Report

Multiple Lines of Descent Book

  • Same as Ahnentafel Report
  • Begins with selected people and moves forward through their descendants for a specified number of generations

Source Citation Report

  • Print a list of all individuals and marriages that cite each master source.
  • Can include dividing lines
  • Can include source comments

Potential Problems Report

  • Once a reported problem has been researched and found valid, the record can be marked so that it is excluded from future reports.
  • Warning parameters can be set.
  • Problem records can be automatically tagged
  • Can check All Records, All Records not checked yet or All Records not marked to Exclude

To Do List

  • General and Individual To-Do Lists
  • Research, Correspondence, or Other
  • Task Needing to be Done
  • Results
  • Repository, etc.

Surname Summary

  • Prints a summary list of all surnames in the Family File or all surnames in a grid.
  • Includes the Surname, how many records use it and the date range of the uses

Relationship Report

  • Prints a list of each person related to an individual.
  • Can include the spouses of the relatives (e.g. "Wife of 2nd Cousin, Twice Remove")

LDS Ordinance Report

  • Including:
  1. All records, with or without any ordinance dates or places
  2. Only records with one or more missing ordinance dates
  3. Only records with all ordinance dates filled
  4. Only records with one or more ordinance dates filled
  • Shade various line groups for ease of reading
  • Include vertical column and/or horizontal row lines
  • Exclude living individuals
  • Include surrounding relative (parents, spouses and children) for ease of identification
  • Include a Temple Name List appendix

Ages Report

  • Print a report including the date, day of week and age for birth, christening, marriage, death and burial of a married couple.

Name List Report

  • Print a list of all names in the Family File or any subset produced by a search
  • Column contents are customizable

DNA Test Results

  • Print the values of DNA tests

Blank Reports and Forms

Census forms

  • Includes United States census forms for 1790, 1800/1810, 1820, 1830/1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930
  • Includes Canadian census forms for 1851 and 1901
  • Can print 1 or more copies of all or some forms


  • Prints a customized questionnaire for requesting information about your family
  • Can specify how many children to prompt for

Relationship Diagram

  • Prints a diagram showing the title of all relatives of an individual. These include sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and all the cousin relationship names.

Research Log

  • Prints a log to be used to track research progress

General Capacities

  • Individuals and Families File size to 2 billion characters (2 gigabyte).
  • Children per Marriage 60
  • Events per Individual Unlimited
  • Spouses per Individual Unlimited
  • Parents per Individual Unlimited
  • Sources per Event Unlimited
  • Pictures per Individual Unlimited
  • Number of Entries in History List 160
  • Address Lines per Individual 5
  • Phone Numbers per Individual 2
  • Generations per Pedigree Chart Unlimited
  • Generations per Descendancy Chart Unlimited

Field Capacities

The following table show the maximum number of characters that are allowed in each field.

Field NameLength
Given Name 120
Last Name 120
Title Prefix 50
Title Suffix 50
Dates 45
Locations 255
Sorted Locations 255
Reference # 20
Ances. File # 20
General Notes 1,000,000
Research Notes 1,000,000
Medical Notes 1,000,000
Marriage Notes 1,000,000
Cause of Death 255
Source Name 255
Field NameLength
Source Type 30
Source Title 248
Source Author 248
Source Publication Facts 248
Source Text 1,000,000
Source Notes 1,000,000
Source Detail 255
Event Name 30
Event Desc 65535
Picture Caption 30
Picture Description 1,000,000
Address (five lines) 50
Phone (two lines) 50
E-Mail Address 50
Internet Address (URL) 255

Save As...

  • Any Family File can be saved under a new name, thus making a copy of the current file.

Backup / Restore

  • Compressed, Zip compatible backup files can be made that span diskettes.


  • The maintenance utility will check the database and will also perform file maintenance items such as repairing common database problems, removing unused names, locations and event names. It also check the validity of all family links and compresses out old unused, deleted records.


  • Legacy imports both Personal Ancestral File® information as well as GEDCOM files.


  • All Family File information can be exported to a GEDCOM file. Various formats are available, including: Legacy, Gedcom 5.5, PAF 2.31 or 3.0, Ancestral File, Basic and Generic. The user has complete control over what is included in the exported file. You can specify which individuals are to be exported as well as what information is included. You can export all records or specify a subset by tag level or focus group.


  • Nearly every facet of Legacy can be customized by the user. These include: Window appearance, which view to display, which family to display, how surnames are printed, the location of the button bar, automatic backup when exiting, balloon help, pop-up info boxes, name and date formatting, LDS information, keyboard behavior, colors, fonts, and file locations. All setting are saved and used in subsequent sessions.


  • Legacy includes a pop-up alarm that can be set to go off at any time and to display a user-defined message.

LDS Support

  • Complete LDS support is included. This includes fields for all ordinance dates and temples, special date codes, temple list, ordinance reports and through our FamilySearch integration you can prepare names for the temple.
  • Source documentation for LDS ordinance information.