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Welcome To Legacy

Welcome to the world of computerized family history.  You are about to participate in a preoccupation (or occupation) that is being enjoyed by millions of people around the world as they seek out their ancestors and descendants.  Be forewarned...Family history research is very habit forming.  You can spend many hours, days, months and years happily engrossed in this rewarding activity.  It is also contagious!  As you contact your relatives about your family, they too may easily catch the vision of this great work.

Legacy is happy to be a part of it all.  This program was developed and written by individuals actively engaged in genealogical research of their own.  Countless hours of enjoyable searching have contributed to the feature set of this product.  We feel confident that you will be amazed by the capabilities of Legacy.  

This Tips Window gives you a small bit of information that you may not have known (or forgot about) each time to start Legacy.  You can use the Next Tip and Previous Tip buttons to view additional tips or review tips you may have already seen.  If you would like more information on any tip, click the Show He How button to view the related help topic.

If you get tired of seeing the tips when you start Legacy, you can turn them off by unchecking the Show this Welcome Screen next time you start Legacy option at the bottom of the window.  You can view this window at any time by choosing Tips Window from the View tab of the Ribbon bar.  (You can turn back on the startup display here is you would like to.)

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