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Using Legacy

Basics You Should Know
 Common Terms

Where It All Begins
 The Main Form
 The Legacy Home Tab 
 The Family View
 The Pedigree View
 The Descendant View
 The Chronology View 
 The Index View 
Importing Information
 Importing GEDCOM files
 Importing Personal Ancestral Files (PAF)

Entering Information
 Start With Yourself
 The Information Screen
 Adding Children (see The Family View)
 Adding Parents (see The Family View)
 The Marriage Information

Getting Around
 History Feature
 Tagged Records

Name List
 What It Shows
 Finding Individuals

 Query By Example
 Detailed Searching
 Creating Lists
 Publishing Center 
 Family Group Records
 Descendants Report
 Ancestor Report
 Pedigree Report
 Individual Report
 Timeline Report
 Lineage Report
 Ancestor Book (Ahnentafel)
 Descendant Book (Register)Register Report 
 Census Forms
 Research Log
 Source Citation List
 Potential Problems
 LDS Ordinance Report
 Age Report
 Family File Information Report
 List Reports
 Relationship Report

Setting Preferences


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