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USA County Verification

The USA County Verification screen is reached by choosing USA County Verifier from the Reports menu (reached by clicking All Reports from the Reports pulldown menu) or by choosing USA County Verifier from the Books/Other tab of the Select a Report window.  

This feature lets you check all the location fields in all the records of your family file to verify the validity of county names for locations in the United States.  An error is reported if:

No county by that name was ever found in that state.  (This could be also be the result of a misspelling.)

The county was not in existence in this state at the date specified.

The county had been dissolved in this state before the date specified.

Records to Check
You can have Legacy check All records, All Individual records with a certain tag, or All Individual records in the current Search List.

Check for Missing Counties
Select this option if you would like to include notification of location names that do not have a county name in them.

Tag All Problem Records
As problem locations are found and reported, you can have the associated records tagged, making it easy to identify them later as you make corrections.

When the options have been selected, click either the Preview or Print button to generate a report.

Note:  The report settings for the USA County Verification report are saved in a file called County.usr in the [My Documents]\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\Usr\ folder.