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Unlocking the Standard Edition

If you have downloaded Legacy from a download service on the Internet, you can quickly convert to the unrestricted Standard Edition of the program by requesting the Unlock Code from our web site.  Simply click the Register Now button.  This will start your browser and take you to where you just fill in your email address and click Register.  The unlock password is then immediately e-mailed to you.  The next time you start up Legacy, click the Unlock Now button, enter your name and password and click the Unlock button.  That's all there is to it.  You can now use Legacy indefinitely.

For your information, there is also a Deluxe Edition of Legacy available.  See What's New in the Deluxe Edition for more information.  To order the Deluxe Edition, a printed User's Guide or a Legacy Training Video choose Order Form from the Help tab on the Ribbon bar.