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Tagging Records

You can tag individuals and marriages to mark them for various reasons.  For example, you might want to tag some people to be included in a report, or tag some individuals you are currently doing research on so you can find them quickly when you get more information.  There are three tags in the Standard Edition and nine tags in the Deluxe Edition you can use for each individual and for each marriage. This lets you use different tags for different purposes.  Perhaps you want to export all individuals with tag #3, print Family Group Records for all people with tag #2 and use tag #1 for names you are currently working on.

Note:  To be able to see the tag boxes through Legacy, you must have the tagging option turned on.  To turn on tagging, choose Customize from the Options tab of the Ribbon bar and then choose General Settings > 1.5 Tagging Options.

To tag an individual or marriage:  

1. Click the desired tag box.  These are located in the upper-right corner of the Husband and Wife boxes and at the right side of the Marriage bar.  When an individual or marriage is tagged, the tag box is filled with a color other than gray (e.g. Blue for 1, Red for 2 and Black for 3, etc.).  When it is untagged, it is filled with gray.

Deluxe Edition
If you are using the Deluxe Edition of Legacy, there are nine tags available for your use.  All nine tags are shown on the Individual Information and Marriage windows as well as the Advanced Tagging window.  

Only three tags are displayed in the grid list in the Name List but all nine are shown on the Edit tab.  You can select the three you want to display in the grid and these can be changed at any time.  

To select or change displayed tags, right-click on any individual tag to bring up the Advanced Tagging window.  This window displays all nine tags with underlines on the three that are currently being shown in the Name List.  To choose different numbers, click the Tag #'s to Show on Name List... button in the lower-right corner of the window.  This displays the Select Tags to Show window.  (See Select Tags to Show for more information.)  

Right-clicking on any marriage tag immediately displays the Advanced Marriage Tagging screen.

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