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Sources Tab (on the Name List or Search List)

The Sources tab can be used to view, add or edit source citation information for the current person.

The Sources tab is part of the Name List which can be reached by clicking the Name List   icon button on the My Toolbar tab of the ribbon bar.

To create a new source that is not in the Master Source List yet, click New.  This pops up the Add Master Source Definition screen where you can fill in the fields that create a new master source.  (See Define or Edit a Master Source for information on this form.)

To cite a master source already in the list, click Cite.  This pops up the Master Source List where you can select the source you want to cite.  (See Master Source List for more information.)

To edit the master source of a citation, click Edit. (See Define or Edit a Master Source for information on this form.)

To edit the detail information of a source citation, click Detail.  The Source Detail screen appears where you can add or edit the information.  (See Source Detail for more information.)

To delete a source citation, highlight the line and click Del.  The citation will be removed after confirmation.  (When you remove a source citation, only the link to the master source is removed.  The master source remains in the Master Source List.) 

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