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Soundex Calculator

To have Legacy calculate the standard Soundex code for a surname, enter the name in the text box and click Calculate Soundex Code.  

Soundex codes are used to group similar sounding last names together.  These are often used when searching census records.  The census takers often misspelled names when writing them on the census forms.  Searching for surnames using the Soundex code finds all similar sounding names.

The Soundex Calculator is displayed by choosing Soundex from the Tools tab on the Ribbon bar.

For more information on the Soundex coding system, see American Soundex System.

Alternate Soundex Codes
If there is an alternate soundex code displayed on the calculator it is because there are some subtle interpretation differences in how a soundex code is arrived at.  Even understanding the differences does not help in deciding which method to use.  For example, one method was used when coding the 1920 census and a different method was used for the three or four earlier decades.  For specific examples of the differences, see American Soundex System.

Names with the Same Soundex Code
When a soundex code has been generated, you can click the Search Name List button to create a list of all the surnames in your family file with the same soundex code.  This is displayed in a Search List.