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Slider Show

The Sliding picture show displays the pictures from the people you have selected by sliding them across the screen in various sizes and various speeds.  

The Slider Show is started by choosing Scrapbook from the View tab of the Ribbon bar to display the Picture Scrapbook window.  You then set the options you want to use (see Picture Scrapbook Options) and then click the Display Slider Show button to start the show.

The following options are available while viewing the show:

Clicking on any picture brings it to front and center so you can look at it more closely without having other pictures slide in front of it.  The picture name and owner are shown below it.  To fully enlarge the picture, click Zoom. If you are showing pictures from more than one person, you can go to the picture's owner by clicking Jump to This Individual.  To resume the show, click the OK button.

Clicking on the background ends the show and closes the window.

Right-clicking on the background toggles through six background colors:  white, blue, black, gradated blue-to-black from the top down, gradated blue-to-black from the left to right, and gradated blue-to-black diagonally across the screen.  The background that is being used when the show is closed will be used the next time the show is run.