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Slide Show

What is a Slide Show?
A slide show is an automated sequential display of a group of pictures, sounds or video clips along with playing any sound files that are connected to the pictures.  This can give you a narrated display of an individual's pictures.

To reach the Slide Show window, click Options > Slide Show from the Media Gallery.  When the window appears, the first picture is displayed.

Starting the Show
To start the slide show, click Start.  The pictures will begin displaying with a three second delay between them.  If a sound file is connected to the picture, it is played through completely before the next picture is displayed, even if it lasts longer than three seconds.

Stopping the Show
To stop a slide show in action, click the Stop button.  This can give you a longer look at a particular picture.  To continue the show, click Continue.

Moving Manually
Whenever the slide show is not running, you can manually move forward and backward through the pictures by clicking Next and Previous or by left-clicking or right-clicking on the picture itself.

You can turn the sound on and off by checking or unchecking the Play Sound box.

Changing the Display Time
To change the time delay between pictures, either click the right or left arrows on the Time Delay bar, or drag the scroll bar handle to the right or left.  This can be done at any time, even during a running slide show.