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Siblings List

The Siblings List shows the current individual along with all their brothers and sisters.  You can set anyone in the list to be the current individual by selecting the person.  (To select a person, either highlight the name and click Select or just double-click on the person's name.)

The Sibling List is reached by clicking the Siblings icon at the bottom of the Husb or Wife box on the Family View or by choosing Siblings List from the View tab of the Ribbon bar.

Showing Half Siblings
If you select the Show half brothers and sisters box,  all the children born to either of the current individual's parents are shown.  This includes children born to the father with other wives and to the mother with other husbands.  Step children are not shown because they were not born to either the father or the mother of the current individual.

Note: The setting for Show half brothers and sisters on the Siblings List is a global setting.  When you change it on anyone's Siblings List screen, it applies to everyone else in the family file.  This setting for the Siblings List is not connected to the Show 1/2 kids setting on the Family View.

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