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Set Preferred Line

As you move from younger generations to older one in both the Family View and the Pedigree View, Legacy automatically chooses the preferred parents of the current individual.  (You can change the preferred parents, if there are more than one set, by right-clicking on an individual and choosing View / Parents List.)  As you move back down to younger generations, you will often get "lost" because you can't remember which child to select.

You can have Legacy automatically reset all the direct line ancestors of a specified individual to be preferred and display them in a bold typeface.  This way, as you navigate up and down through the generations, you can find your way back down the same way as you went up.  (In the Family View, you can click to the right or left of the Children window to automatically select the preferred child to be moved up to the Husb/Wife position.  This is a fast way to move back down a preferred line.)

To set all the direct-line ancestors of a particular individual as preferred:

1. Display the Set Direct Line Ancestors as Preferred Line window by choosing Set Direct Line from the Tools tab on the Ribbon bar.
2. Make sure the starting individual is shown in the text box.  If you need to select a different person, click Change.
3. Click Set Preferred Line to automatically mark each ancestor as the preferred one.

Now, when you move back down to younger generations, each preferred child is marked with an asterisk.  You can either double-click the preferred child or click to the right or left of the Child List to move the preferred child up to the current Husb/Wife position.  (Note, to turn on the bold names feature, you must select the Indicate direct-line children in lists option on the Data Format tab of the Options > Customize window. See Customize - Data Format for more information.)