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Set File Sorting Order

To change the sorting order of a family file, choose File Maintenance from the File tab on the Ribbon bar and then choose Set File Sorting Order from the dropdown list.

The sorting order of a family file determines the order that the various letters of the alphabet are displayed in lists and on reports.  You can choose from the following sorting orders:

1. English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Modern Spanish
2. Dutch
3. Norwegian and Danish
4. Spanish
5. Swedish and Finnish

When you change the sorting order of a family file, all the internal indexes must be rebuilt.  (Since this is a change to the family file, it is a good idea to make a backup before proceeding.)  Depending on the size of your family file and the speed of your computer, this operation may take a while.

To change the sorting order of a family file:

1. Make sure the family file you want to change is currently open and selected.  (Each family file has it's own sorting order.)
2. Make a backup of your family file in case something interrupts the process, such as a power failure.
3. From the File tab on the Ribbon bar, choose File Maintenance > Set File Sorting Order
4. From the Set File Sorting Order screen, select the Sorting Order you want to use by clicking on the appropriate option button.
5. Click Proceed.  The progress bar indicates the progress of the operation.  When it is completed, you are returned to the main view.