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Search the Internet

   To start a search on the Internet, choose Search Internet from the Internet tab on the Ribbon bar.

There are many, many places on the Internet where you can search for information about your ancestors.  Legacy comes preloaded with over thirty sites to begin your searching.  Any number of additional sites can be added at any time.

The Search the Internet screen, when displayed, has several fields that are pre-loaded with information concerning the current individual.  Above the fields is a dropdown combo box containing all the current search sites where you can look for addition information and about this person and his/her surrounding family.  Each Internet site requires some or all of the information shown in the bottom half of the screen.  The fields that are not needed for the currently selected site are disabled (grayed out).  The remaining "live" fields can be changed as desired before initiating the search.  As you select different search sites, the appropriate fields are made available.

To start an Internet search:

1. Choose the desired search site from the combo box list.
2. Make sure the information in the fields reflects the person you are looking for.
3. Click the Search button.

If you would like the Search the Internet window to remain displayed after you search for a person, make sure the Close this window after each search option is unchecked.  Checking this option will cause the window to close when a search is done.

Using Married Surname
On some websites, you will not generally find a woman's information user her maiden name.  For example, on Find-a-Grave, almost all headstones will show the woman's married name - unsually the surname of the last husband.  In these cases, you should change the Surname field to the appropriate husband's surname before initiating the search.  To do this, click the Use Husband's Surname button which will pop up a menu with the surnames of all the husbands the woman was attached to.  Clicking on the surname you want to use will change the Surname field to that name.  If you want to change back to the woman's maiden surname, click the the Surname label to the left of the field.

To customize the list of available Internet search sites, click the Customize Searches button.  (This is a Deluxe Edition only feature.)  The Customize Internet Searches window appears with the current list of sites showing.  You can Add, Edit, or Delete any of the sites in the list.  (See Customize Internet Searches for more information on how to do this.)

When you are done searching, click the Close button.

Note:  Some Internet sites that contain genealogical information require a paid subscription in order to access their information.,, and are examples of this type of site.  Many of these sites offer free introductory subscriptions for a short period of time before payment is require for continued use.

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