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Search and Replace

Search and Replace helps you search through your entire family file by specific fields to make changes.  You can search for and replace the contents of Given Names, Surnames, Titles, Alternate Names, Notes, Dates, Lists, Sources, Media, Addresses, Events, Repositories, To-Do items, and more.  Over 100 different fields can be changed.

To use Search and Replace:

1. Choose Search Replace from the Search tab on the Ribbon bar.
2. Select the field you want to do the search and replace in from the Find Where list.
3. Fill in the contents you want search for in the Find What field.
4. Enter the text you want to change it to in the Replacement Text field.
5. Under How to Find and How to Replace, set any desired options.
6. Click Start.

When Legacy finds the first matching search text, the Replacement screen is displayed.  If you want to make the replacement, click Replace.  Click Skip if you would like to move on to the next match.  If you are confident that you want to automatically make all the remaining changes, click Replace All.

Special Characters
When entering information, Legacy offers a feature to help you quickly enter international characters.  See Special Characters.  You can also click the Tab or CR buttons to insert a code that will search for a tab character or a carriage return respectively.  

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