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Scrapbook Options

The picture files you have added to individuals, marriages, addresses, sources, and locations can be combined in various ways and presented as a printed scrapbook report.

To reach the Scrapbook Options screen, click the Edit Settings for Current Chapter button when a Picture Scrapbook chapter is highlighted in the Chapters of Book window of the Publishing Center.
 The Publishing Center is reached by choosing Publishing Center from the Report tab of the Ribbon bar.

Pictures Tab
Type of Pictures to Include
You can choose some or all of the following pictures:

For all individuals or Individuals with a certain tag number.
Individual pictures, individual event pictures, marriage and marriage event pictures that the individual is part of.
For all marriages or marriages with a certain tag number.
Marriage or marriage event pictures.
Pictures attached to master locations.
Pictures attached to master addresses.
Pictures attached to master sources.
Pictures attached to source citation details

You can also choose to print only those pictures that have been tagged.

Options Tab

Title and Subtitle-The title and subtitle are printed at the top of each page, above the media files .
Approximate Pictures Per Page-The size of the pictures varies according to the size of the page and the number of pictures printed on each page.  You can select from one to thirty pictures per page.  The options are approximation when printing in portrait mode and when the captions and descriptions are not very long.  As the captions and descriptions grow in length, fewer pictures can be placed on each page.
Picture Spacing-The pictures can also be printing with different spacing between them.  Pictures printed with Tight spacing are larger than those printed with Loose spacing.
Picture Reduction Width - You can use temporarily reduced resolution pictures in the report.  This is useful when the original picture files are in a very high resolution format and are many megabytes in file size.  Huge picture files like this often overwhelm the print preview engine in Legacy and end up appearing as empty white boxes in the report.  Creating a smaller, temporary picture file bypasses this problem.  Since the pictures in the report are usually printed in a much smaller size than the large original files, there is no apparent loss of clarity when printed.
What to Include-Each picture can include its Caption and/or File Name printed above it, and the Description and Date printed below.  You can specify that the Description be left- or center-justified and the Date to be bolded or not.  You can also choose to have a Border Line drawn around each picture.  A Drop Shadow is also available to give the pictures a 3D effect.  You can also choose to have a Dividing Line printed between each subsequent picture in a column to more easily distinguish when the next caption and picture begin.

Printing the Report
When you have set all the options, click either the Preview button to see an on-screen report before it is actually printed, or click Print to have it sent directly to the printer.

Change Fonts
You can set the font name and size used to print the labels and record information on the report.  Click Change Fonts to display the Report Fonts window.

Page Setup
Click Page Setup... to change the margins, page orientation, line spacing and print size.  (See Page Setup for more information.) 

Printer Setup
Lets you change the page size before generating the report.  You can also change the target printer and its specific settings.

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