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The following standard reports are available from Legacy.  Click on the report name for a complete description.

Combine Many Reports into One Book
Publishing Center 

Chart Reports
Family Group Records
Descendant Reports
Pedigree Charts
Individual Reports
Ancestor Reports
Lineage Reports

Book Reports
Ancestor Book
Descendant Book
Descendant Narrative Book 

Blank Charts
Research Logs
Forms Center 

Miscellaneous Reports
Address Labels 
Calendar Report 
Event Report 
LDS Ordinance Report
Location Report 
Name Tags 
Potential Problems Report
Relationship Report
Source Citation Listing
Surname Summary 
To-Do Report 
USA County Verifier 

Other Reports
Click here for a complete list of all the reports that are available in Legacy and how to get to them.

Report Output Formats
 Click here for a list of all the support report output formats available in Legacy.