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Relationship Report

  The Relationship report screen is reached by choosing Other Reports > Relationships from the Report tab on the Ribbon bar.

The Relationship Report prints a list of all people in the Family File that are related to the Source person.  The report also includes the spouses of those people who are related to the starting person.  (If you have not yet built the Relationships for your Family File, you must do so before this report can be printed.  To build Relationships, choose Set Relationships... from the Tools tab of the Ribbon bar.)

You can select between Include all individuals with relationships or Include only individuals with relationships and Tag x (where you can choose the tag number).
You can choose to Only include blood-relatives.  This will exclude spouses and in-laws.
You can format the names as either Given name(s) Surname or Surname, Given name(s).
You can add the birth and death years at the end of the names.
You can Include RINs on names.

Page Setup
Click the Page Setup button to change page margins, print orientation, line spacing, paper size, border lines, heading and page numbering options, and footer options.  See Page Setup for more information.

Font Size
Click the Change Fonts button to select a different font or font size for the report.  See Report Fonts for more information.

When you are ready to print, click either the Preview or Print button.

Note:  The report settings for the Relationship report are saved in a file called Relationship.usr in the [My Documents]\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\Usr\ folder.

10-1185 : 20212 RK