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Recording Sounds

  The Sound Center window is reached by clicking the Sound… button on the Display Picture screen.  (The Display Picture window is displayed by choosing Add Media > Picture on the Media Gallery screen which is reached by clicking the Media Gallery button on the Family or Pedigree Views.)

Any picture can have a sound file associated with it.  Sound files are files with a .WAV or .MP3 extension.  To attach a sound file to a picture, click Sound... from the Display Picture window.  The Sound Center box displays, as shown above.

Loading a Sound File
To load an existing sound file:

1. Click the Load button.  
2. From the Load Sound File dialog box, select the desired file.  
3. Once it is loaded, you can play the sounds by clicking the Play button.  
4. Click OK to attach this sound file to the current picture.

Recording a New Sound File
 1. To record a sound file, you must have a setup that includes a microphone and a sound board in your computer.
 2. To begin the recording process, click Record.  You can record up to two minutes.
 3, When you are done, click the Stop button.
You can play the recorded sound back by clicking the Play button.  
You can record over the existing file by clicking the Record button again.  
When you are satisfied with the recording, click Save and then select the folder to save the sound record.

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