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Printing Pictures
Printing Pictures on Various Reports
When you want to include pictures on printed reports, click the Reports button on the tool bar, select the report by click the appropriate tab in the Select a Report Screen, click the Report Options button, and select the Pictures tab from the Report Options screen.  From here you will have the following options, depending on the report:
  • Pictures of Husband and Wife-Prints the preferred picture (if any) for each individual. 
  • Pictures of Children-Prints the preferred picture (if any) for each child on certain reports. 
  • Picture Options-You can choose the relative size of the pictures printed (small, medium, or large) or a specific size. The pictures can be printed with their captions and descriptions. Pictures can also be printed with a background shadow of various shades and widths. 
    If you want to print only tagged pictures, make certain they are checked (tagged) in the Media Galley.
    Make your selections, click the Close button and print the report.
    HINT: When you create a report in HTML format for attaching to an e-mail message, any pictures on the HTML page must be also attached as well. If not, the recipient won't be able to see the pictures. This is not a flaw in Legacy, but has to do with the nature of HTML.
    Including Pictures in Web Pages
    To include pictures on a genealogy Web pages, choose the desired page style from the Internet tab on the Ribbon bar and select the What to Include tab on the Web Page Creation screen. If you have linked one or more pictures to an individual, you can have the primary picture included with their information. These pictures can be printed in three different sizes (small, medium and large) to suit your tastes. Select the Include Child Pictures option to include pictures of children on Descendant or Family Group style Web pages.
    By clicking on the Title Page tab, you can select a picture for your Web's title page. Click the Select… button to browse to a picture that you want to include on your title page. Click the Clear button to remove the current picture. You can also enter a picture caption for the picture to be included on the title page.
    Print the Photo Album
    To print all the pictures in the Media Gallery, choose Options > Photo Album.... The Photo Album Options window appears where you can select the type of photo album layout you want to print.

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