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Print To-Do List

   The To-Do List Report Options screen is reached by clicking Print on the To-Do List.  (The To-Do List is reached by clicking the To-Do button for an individual on the Family View or Information screen.)

To Print a To-Do List:

1. On the Record Selection tab, choose the tasks you want to print. 
2. On the What to Include tab, select the information you want to include on the report.
3. On the Filter Options tab, choose any options you want in order to narrow down the tasks printed.  (For example, Open tasks with High priority.)
4. On the Sort Order tab, choose how you would like the tasks arranged.
5. Click Print or Preview.

The options on each tab are explained below:

Record Selection Tab
  • All Tasks (General and Individual) - Prints every To-Do task.
  • General Tasks (not tied to any individual) - Prints all General To-Do tasks.
  • Tasks Tied to specific individuals - 
    - This Individual - The default is the individual who was current when you opened the To-Do List.  To change to a different person, click Change and choose a person from the Name List.
    All Individuals - Prints the To-Do tasks for all the people in your family file.
    Focus Group Records - Prints the To-Do tasks for all individuals in the current Focus Group.  To define or edit a Focus Group, click Edit.
    - Tagged Individuals - Prints the To-Do tasks for all individuals with a certain tag number.  Set the tag number by using the up and down arrows next to the tag  number field.
  • Tasks with a Specific Repository (both General and Individual) -
     All Repositories - Prints all the To-Do tasks that have a repository linked to them.
     Tagged Repositories - Prints all the To-Do tasks that have a tagged repository linked to them.  To tag the desired repositories, click Select to the right.
     This Repository - Prints all the To-Do tasks that have a specific repository linked to them.  To select the repository, click Select to the right.
  • Start Each Task or Location on a New Page - Prints each task beginning on a new page.
  • Don't Split a Task Over a Page Break - If you are printing the tasks one after another (not starting each one on a new page) you can choose to not have the tasks split over a page break.

    What to Include Tab
  • Header Box -  When printing Individual To-Do tasks you can include a header box at the top of task that includes some personal information and even a picture.  To include this header check the box entitled Include Header Box when doing Individuals.  Next, select the pieces of information you want to include.
  • Report Body - Choose the items of information from the To-Do task you want to include on the report.

    You can also choose some formatting options such as Include RIN Numbers on the names, Horizontal Lines that print between sections, Shaded Boxes, blank lines so you can write in Notes later and Vertical Lines.
  • Pictures to Print - You can print the picture of each individual.
  • Title - The title to print at the top of each page of the report.

    Filter Options Tab
    You can narrow down which To-Do tasks to print using the follow options:
  • Category - Print All Categories or choose a specific category by clicking the down arrow.
  • Locality - Print All Localities or choose a specific locality by clicking the down arrow.
  • Status - Print Open or Closed tasks…or both.
  • Type - Choose some or all the task types including Research, Correspondence, and Other.
  • Priority - Choose from High, Medium and Low priority tasks to print.
  • Tagged - Print tasks that are Tagged, Untagged or both.

    Sort Order Tab
    The To-Do List report can be printed in many different orders (729 to be exact).  Choose up to three levels of sorting by clicking the desired fields in the three columns.

    Sources Tab
  • Print Source Citations - Print where the information was found for the individual.

     Select the various option you want to use when generating the source citations.  These can include the repository, recorded date, file ID number, and surety level.
  • Citation Paragraph Style - Choose between Indent first line or Hanging indent.
  • Include Master Source Pictures - Include the preferred image (if any) for each master source.
  • Include Detail Source Pictures - Include the preferred image (if any) for each source citation detail.
  • Picture Options - You can choose the relative size of the pictures printed (small, medium, or large) or a specific width.  The pictures can be printed with their captions and descriptions.  Pictures can also be printed with a background shadow of various shades and widths. To select or change the picture options, click the Set Source Picture Options... button.   The Picture Options screen where you can make the changes.

    Page Setup
    The Page Setup screen allows you to change margins, paper orientation, paper size, borders, headers, page numbering and footers.  (See Page Setup for more information.)

    Printer Setup
    Lets you change the page size before generating the report.  You can also change the target printer and its specific settings.

    Change Fonts
    You can specify the font name, size and style to be used in each section of the photo album.  See Report Fonts for more information.

    When you have set all the options for the report printout, click either Preview to see an on-screen view of the album before actually printing, or click Print to have all the photo album sent directly to the printer.

    Where to Send the Report
    The report can be output to various formats.  Make your choice by clicking on the appropriate option button in the lower right.  The choices are:
  • Screen / Printer - Sends the report to either the Print Preview window or directly to your printer depending on whether you click the Preview or Print button.
  • CSV - Creates a file with each field separated by a comma.  This file can then be easily loaded into a spreadsheet program.
  • PDF File - Generates the report, displays it in the Print Preview window and then creates an Adobe PDF (Portable Document File) file.  This file can be viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader and easily sent to other people by e-mail.  (This feature is part of the Deluxe Edition only.).  

    Note:  The report settings for the To-Do report are saved in a file called ToDoRpt.usr in the [My Documents]\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\Usr\ folder.

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