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Potential Problems List (Deluxe Edition Only)

The Potential Problems List (which is only available in the Deluxe Edtion of Legacy) is reached by clicking either the Create Problems List or View Existing Problems List button on the Potential Problems Report screen.  (See Problems Report.)   

This list shows the names and abbreviated descriptions for all of the problems found in the last problems search.  As each name/problem is highlighted, the full problem description and suggested action is shown under the list at the bottom of the window.  The list is interactive in that you can edit the individuals, marriages, parents, and children right from the list to correct the problems or exclude them from future checking.

If a problem involves individual information for a person and you would like to edit that information, highlight the person's name and problem in the list and then click the Edit Individual button.  The person's Individual Information screen appears where you can make changes.  If the problem has to do with marriage information, click the Edit Marriage button to display the Marriage Information screen.  Clicking the Edit Children button displays the Child List where you can edit anyone on the list.  Edit Parents displays the Parent List where you can edit the mother or father.

If you find that a reported problem is not really a problem, you can mark it as "Not a Problem" and have it excluded from lists generated in the future.  Make sure the desire problem is highlighted in the list and then click Mark as Not a Problem.  The marked and removed from the list.

Sorting the List 
You can sort the problems list by Name or Problem by clicking on the desired column header.

Printing a Report 
Three report formats are available when printing the problems list:

Detailed - Includes the name, description, dates, and suggested action for each problem.
Abbreviated - Includes only the name and description (on two lines) for each problem.
Summary - Includes only the name and short description (on one line) for each problem.

After you have select the desired report format, click either the Preview button to see an on-screen view of the report before it is actually printed, or click Print to have the report sent directly to the printer.  

Where to Send the Report
The report can be output to various formats.  Make your choice by clicking on the appropriate option button in the lower right.  The choices are:

Screen / Printer - Sends the report to either the Print Preview window or directly to your printer depending on whether you click the Preview or Print button.

Text File - Creates a plain text file of the report.  This file can then be easily viewed with any text editor or word processor.

PDF File - Generates the report, displays it in the Print Preview window and then creates an Adobe PDF (Portable Document File) file.  This file can be viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader and easily sent to other people by e-mail.  (This feature is part of the Deluxe Edition only.)

Formatting Options 
You can customize the look of the report by setting the format options.  Click Page Setup... to change the margins, page orientation, line spacing and print size.  (See Page Setup for more information.)   Click Change Fonts to select the font size and style for the report.  (See Select Report Fonts for more information.)

Saving the List
The Potential Problems List is kept from session to session so that it doesn't have to be generated each time you want to view it.  To display the list, click the View Existing Problems List button on the previous Potential Problems Report screen. 

Creating a New List
If you want to create a new problems list, either for a different set of individuals or with different options selected, click the Create Problems List button on the previous Potential Problems Report screen.  Any previous list is erased and the new list takes its place.

Note:  The report settings for the Potential Problems List screen are saved in a file called ProbsList.usr in the [My Documents]\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\Usr\ folder.

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