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Picture Scrapbook Options

To reach the Picture Scrapbook Options screen, choose Scrapbook from the View tab of the Ribbon bar.

The media files you have added to individuals, marriages, addresses, sources, and locations can be combined in various ways and presented as a printed scrapbook report, slide show display or a sliding screen-saver type of display.

Type of Media to Include
You can choose some or all of the following media types:

Individuals - For all individuals or Individuals with a certain tag number.
  • Individual media
  • Individual event media
  • Marriage and marriage event media that the individual is part of.

    Marriages - For all marriages or marriages with a certain tag number.
    Marriage or marriage event media.

    Media files attached to
  • master locations
  • master addresses
  • master sources
  • source citation details
  • master temple names.

    You can also choose to print only those media files that have been tagged.

    When you have selected the type of media files to include, choose one of the following output formats:

    Click the Print Scrapbook button to print the pictures in a report format.  There are many options available.  See Photo Album Options for more information.

    Slide Show
    Click the Display Slide Show button to present the pictures on the screen in a consecutive slide show.  See Slide Show for more information.

    Print Media List
    Click the Print media List button to create a report showing the name of every media file that is attached to your family file along with their captions, dates and descriptions.  See Media List Options for more information.

    Page Setup
    Click the Page Setup button to change the size of the page you are printing on and also to set the margins.

    Printer Setup
    Lets you change the page size before generating the report.  You can also change the target printer and its specific settings.

    Note:  The settings for the Scrapbook Options screen are saved in a file called ScrapbookOptions.usr in the [My Documents]\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\Usr\ folder.

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