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Pedigree View

To display the Pedigree View, click on the Pedigree tab on the main window.

What Does it Show?
The Pedigree View shows the current individual plus three or four generations of parents.   

To the left of the main individual is a small button with a left arrow if there are descendants linked to the main individual.   Clicking the button moves the display one generation down (more recent).

To the right of each person in the oldest generation is a small button with a right arrow if there are more generations continuing back.     Clicking the button move the display back one generation.

Popup Information
On the Pedigree View, an Information Box can be displayed whenever the cursor is placed on top of any individual names.  The box displays the person's name and the date and place of birth, christening, death, and marriage along with a list of the spouses and children of the individual.

The behavior of the pop-up information boxes can be changed.  (See Customize - General Settings, section 1.7 for more information.)

You can move any person to the main position at the left of the screen by double-clicking on their name. 

If there is an arrow to the left of the main name, you can click it to move forward one generation to the preferred child.

If there is an arrow to the right of a name in the righthand column, you can click it to move backward one generation.

Spouses and Children and Siblings
(The Spouses and Children List and the Siblings List can be toggled off to make more room for the pedigree display.  To toggle the the lists off, right-click anywhere on the pedigree background and choose Hide Spouse/Child and Siblings lists.  To turn the lists back on, right-click anywhere on the Pedigree background and choose Show Spouse/Child and Siblings lists.)

The box above the main individual contains a list of each spouse linked to him/her.  The children from each spouse are listed below the spouse's name.  You can double-click any of these names to move them down to the main position in the Pedigree View

A "*" at the beginning of a spouse's name means that person is the "preferred" spouse.  See Spouse List for more information.
A "+" at the end of a child's name means that child has decendants in your file.

The box below the main individual contains a list of his/her siblings. You can double-click any of these names to move them up to the main position in the Pedigree View.

A "+" at the beginning of the name means that the person is in the direct line of the starting person in your family file.  See Setting Preferred Line for more information.
A "+" at the end of the name means that that person has decendants in your file.

Setting a Bookmark
You can set a bookmark on the current individual so that you can return here later.  You can set up to 200 bookmarks.  To set a bookmark, right-click the icon below the Pedigree View window in the lower-left corner.  This adds the name to the Bookmark List.  To view the Bookmark List, click the icon.

Jumping to a Bookmark
You can jump to one of your bookmarked individuals by clicking the icon below the Pedigree View window in the lower-left corner.  This brings up the Bookmark List displaying all the bookmarks you have currently set in your family file.  Highlight the desired name and click Go To.  See Jumping To Bookmarks for more information.

Quick Bookmarks
At the bottom of the main window, below the Family or Pedigree View and just above the bottom status bar, are three bookmark boxes labeled with a small 1, 2, and 3.  These are called Quick Bookmarks.  These can be used to set three frequently used bookmarks that are always visible.

To Set a Quick Bookmark:
Make sure the person you want to put the bookmark on is highlighted and then right-click inside any of the three boxes.  The name appears in the box.

To Jump to a Quick Bookmark:
Click on the desired name in the Quick Bookmark box

To clear a Quick Bookmark:
While holding down the Ctrl key, right-click in the box you want to clear.  The name disappears.

History List
Legacy remembers up to the last 200 individuals you have viewed.  To display the History List, click the History List button on the View tab of the Ribbon bar.  See Using the History List for more information.

Adding New Individuals
You can add parents to individuals in the Pedigree View.  If the boxes for one or more parents of an individual are blank you can click on the blank box and choose Add Individual from the popup menu.  This will display the Information window where you can enter all the facts for the new person.

You can add a new individual to anyone on the Pedigree View by right-clicking on the desired person and then choosing Add > Son, Add > Daughter, Add > Father, Add > Mother, Add > Bother, or Add > Sister from the popup menu.  The Add window appears where you can then Add a NEW person or Link to an EXISTING person

Tagging Records
You can tag individuals and marriages to mark them for various reasons.  For example, you might want to tag some people to be included in a report, or tag some individuals who you are currently researching so you can find them quickly when you get more information.  There are nine tags you can use for each individual and for each marriage (the Standard Edition only has three tag levels).  These are referred to as nine levels of tags.  This lets you use different tag levels for different purposes.  Perhaps you want to export all level 3 tagged individuals, print an Ancestor report for all level 2 tagged people and use level 1 tags for names you are currently working on.  (See Tagging Records for more information.)

To tag an individual:  
1. Click the desired tag box down in the lower-left of the screen.  There are nine tag levels available in the Deluxe Edition of Legacy and three in the Standard Edition.  When an individual is tagged, the tag box is filled with a color, which is different for each tag level.  When it is untagged, it is filled with gray.

Rotating Through Tagged Records
When you have more than one tag set for a particular tag level, you can click the right and left arrows on the tag level button at the bottom of the screen, to rotate forward and backward through all the individuals tagged on the current level.

To rotate through the tagged individuals or marriages:
1. Make sure the correct level is set.  You can choose the level by clicking the Tag button on the main screen below the Family/Pedigree View.  When you click this button a menu is displayed with the three currently displayed tag levels.  Click the level you want to rotate through.

Using the Right-Click Menus
Legacy makes extensive use of right-click menus to show you what can be done at any point in the program.  By clicking with the right mouse button on a particular object, a popup menu appears with all the options available for that object.  For example, if you right-click on the main name, this menu appears:

You can select any option on the menu by simply moving the mouse pointer to it and clicking.  This is a very convenient and quick way to select commands and options.  Although every command contained in the popup menu is available in some other way, either from a command button or from a menu on the menu bar, the popup menus gather together all the appropriate commands that apply to a particular situation.

Here are some of the options if you right-click on the background:

Toggle Display of 4/5 Generations
The Pedigree View can be toggled to show either four or five generations at a time.  Click on the up or down arrows in the upper-left corner to select 4 or 5 generations.

Show Spouse/Child and Siblings list
Toggles on and off the Spouse/Children and Siblings lists.  See Spouse and Children and Siblings section above.

Change Color Scheme
Puts you in Set Color Scheme mode where you can change the colors of all the items on the screen.  See Setting a Color Scheme for more information.

Change Family File
You can open a new family file.

Split Screen View
Opens another view of the current family file and then asks if you want to open a different family file.  See How to Display Another Family/Pedigree View for more information.

Close This Family File
Close the current family file.  You can open a different file to work on.

Open Another View
Legacy allows you to have up to seven Family/Pedigree Views of a family file showing at the same time.  These can either be tiled on the screen (all showing on the screen at once), or overlapped, letting you click the one you want to see fully displayed.  You can also have up to two different family files open at the same time.  This lets you compare and navigate through them separately.  (See How to Display Another Family/Pedigree View for more information.)

Changing the User Interface Colors
You can change the colors of all of the screen items to anything you like.  To get into color-change mode, right-click on the background of the View and choose Change Color Scheme... from the menu.  You can now starting clicking on the various items on the screen to change their color or pattern.  See Setting a Color Scheme for complete information on how to do this.

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