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Parents List

This is a list of all the parents that are currently linked to the individual.  A person might have more than one set of parents if an adoptive family line is being tracked, for example.

The Preferred Parents are shown in the list with an asterisk at the beginning of the line.  These parents are shown on the Family/Pedigree View.  

To switch to the Preferred status to another line:

1. Highlight the line by clicking on it.
2. Click the Select button.  The window will close and the new parents will be displayed.

Adding New or Additional Parents
From this window you can also add a new set of parents by clicking the Add New Parents button.  This will take you through the process of add a new Father and Mother.  If you want to attach a set of parents that are already in the Family File, click Link to Existing.  The Marriage List appears where you can select the couple to add.

Removing a Set of Parents

To remove a set of parents in the list:

1. Highlight the line by clicking on it.
2. Click the Unlink From Child... button.  The Unlink box appears, showing you the parents and siblings that will be unlinked by this action.  
3. Click OK to confirm your intent.

Child Status
You can tag each child with a special status if you like.  These include Twin, Stillborn, Illegitimate, Stillborn Twin and Illegitimate Twin.  The default setting when a child is first added to the list is None.  To set a new status, highlight the child and then click the down arrow on the Status combo box at the bottom center.  Select the new status by clicking on it.  You are not limited to the statuses in the list.  To add a new status, just enter it into the field.

Relationship to Father and Mother
You can specify the relation of each child to the father and the mother.  These relationships can be things like Adopted, Foster, or Sealed.  They can even be things like Unproven or Disproven.  The relationships can be specified differently for the father and mother.  Perhaps the father is the biological parent and the mother is an adoptive parent.  The default setting is Biological which is shown as a blank.  To set a new parent relationship, highlight the child and then click the down arrow on the Relationship to Father or Relationship to Mother field.  Select the relationship by clicking on it.  You are not limited to the relationships in the list.  To add a new relationship, just enter it into the appropriate field box.

Private Relationships
You can mark the Relationship to Father or the Relationship to Mother as Private by putting a checkmark in the Private option to the right of the appropriate relationship status.

Adding Sources
You can add source documentation to the Child Status, Relationship to Father, and Relationship to Mother fields.  To do this, click the Sources icon .   If the icon is colored it means that at least some of the information has been documented.  See Citing the Sources of Your Information for more advice.

Zooming the Grid
If you would like to have the type in the grid list made larger or smaller, click Zoom.  The Grid Font Size window appears where you can select a different type size.  When you return, the list will redisplay in the new size.  See Zooming Grids for more information. 

The Parents List is reached by clicking the button on the Husb or Wife box of the Family View or on the Pedigree View.  It can also be shown by choosing Parents List from the View tab of the Ribbon bar.