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Page Setup

  Each report in Legacy has several options to control how the report looks when it is generated.  The options that apply to the layout of the page are selected from the Page Setup screen.  To reach the Page Setup screen, click the Page Setup button on the window associated with each report.  The following options are available:
  • Margins - To change the settings, click the up or down arrow to the right of the margin you want to change.  You can also make changes by directly editing the value in the text box.

    Note: If you specify a margin that is smaller than the minimum margin that the printer supports, the value will be reset to the minimum value when the report is printed. For example, many printers support a minimum margin of about .25 inches. If you enter a value of, for example, 0.1 inches, Legacy will use .25.

    To reset just the margin values to the default settings, you can right-click on the Margins label and then answer Yes to the reset question.

  • Mirror Margins (Gutter Margins) - This option swaps the left and right margin settings on every other page.  The margins you select in the Margins sections are use for the odd-numbered pages.  On even-numbered pages, the left and right margins are swapped.  The margins of the left page are a mirror image of those on the right page.  This is used when printing a book you will be binding.  This leaves extra room on the inside margins that is needed for the binding process.
  • Orientation - To change the orientation of the printed report, click either Portrait or Landscape.
  • Duplex - If your printer has the ability to print on both sides of the page, you can select the Double-sided option.  The Vertical option produces a list-style report where the pages are flipped vertically.  The Horizontal option produces a book-style report.
  • Line Spacing -On most reports the line spacing is controlled from the Page Setup screen using the Space lines at xxx percent of font size option at the bottom of the window.

    On some reports you can choose to print the lines with tight, normal or loose line spacing.  Tight line spacing lets you fit more information on a page.  Loose line spacing make a report easier to read and gives room to write in your own notes.  To select a particular line spacing, click on the corresponding radio button.
  • Print Size - To change the size of the font used when printing the report, click on the appropriate setting.

    Note:  The Print Size option only appears for a few chart reports in Legacy.  Most font size changing is done using the Report Fonts option.
  • Paper Size - To select a paper size, click on the option button corresponding to the size of paper your printer is using.

    Headings and Page Numbering
  • Heading Position - To set the position of the title printed at the top of each page, click the option button next to the desired location.  You can also choose the font, font size and attributes used when printing the title.
  • Page Numbers - To include or exclude page numbers on the report, select or clear the Include Page Numbers on Report checkbox.
  • Starting Page Number - To start page numbering with a number other than 1, enter a number in the Starting Page Number box.

    To include the word "Page" in front of the actual page number on each page, select the Include the word "Page" before the Page Number checkbox.
  • Page Number Position - To specify the position of the page number on the report pages, click the appropriate option in the Page Number Position frame.  You can also choose the font, font size and attributes used when printing the page numbers.

  • Compiler Information - To include your name and address at the bottom of each report page, select the Include Compiler's Information at bottom of reports checkbox on the Footers tab. You can also choose the font, font size and attributes used when printing the information.  

    To enter the compiler information, or to edit the existing entry, click Edit Compiler.
  • Report Credit Information -To print a credit line at the bottom of each report page, click the Include checkbox and edit the sentence in the text box.  You can include the current date by selecting the Include the Date printed checkbox. You can also choose the font, font size and attributes used when printing the credit line.  

    Note:  The report settings for the Page Setup screen are saved in a file called Page.usr in the [My Documents]\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\Usr\ folder.

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