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Overwrite Backup?

Do you want to overwrite a backup file that was made of your Family File during an earlier import or merge?

Whenever you start an import or merge, Legacy automatically makes a backup copy of your Family File.  This backup can be used to restore the condition of the Family File if you decide you really didn't want the changes made.  This "undo" capability is available only while you are using Legacy in the current session.  When you quit the program, the backup file is erased.

If you would like to overwrite the previous backup file, click Overwrite Earlier Backup.  A new backup file will be made.

If you would like to keep the backup file from the earlier import or merge, click Keep Earlier Backup.  No new backup will be made.

To always overwrite earlier backup files with a new temporary backup, put a check in the Always overwrite earlier backup files box.