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Order Form

   The Order Form screen is reached by choosing Order Form from the Help tab on the Ribbon bar.

1. Fill in your name, address and phone number on the Order Information tab.  
2. If you have ordered from Millennia before, enter your Customer Number.  
3. If you have an email address, you can enter it at the bottom.  This will let us send update information to you faster than my regular mail.  
4. Click on the Products tab and then specify how many copies of Legacy you want to purchase.
5. If you are ordering from Washington State, check the box next to the Sales tax line.
6. Click on the Payment tab and fill in the method of payment.  If you are ordering by credit card, be sure to fill in the card number carefully and include the expiration date.
7. Click on the Shipping tab and select the desired shipping type.

10-2197 :  20225 RK