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Open a Family File

To open an existing Legacy Family File:
1. Choose Open File... from the File tab on the Ribbon bar OR choose Open Family File... from the dropdown menu after clicking on the round Legacy button .  The Open Family File dialog appears.
2. Make sure the correct drive and folder are selected and then choose the desired Family File name by clicking on the name and then clicking Open.  (You can also double-click the name to open it.) 

Legacy now opens the Family File and takes you to the Family/Pedigree screen.

Importing to Begin a New Family File

You can also start a new Family File by importing a GEDCOM or PAF (Personal Ancestral File) file.

To import a file, change the file type to either GEDCOM or PAF.  To do this:
1. Click the down arrow to the right of the List files to type: box in the lower left corner of the window and select the desired type of file to import.
2. Select the correct drive, folder and file to the import file and then click OK.  Legacy then takes you to the import process for that particular type of file.  (See Importing a PAF file or Importing a GEDCOM file for more information.)

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