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Name/Search List 

  The Name List is reached by clicking the on the View tab of the Ribbon bar.

What it Shows
The Name List displays a list of individuals.  If you have the Include Alternate Names option turned on (see Options below) the list also shows any AKAs that individuals might have.  Alternate names are shown with a leading tilde (~) so you can tell the difference. It can either contain all the individuals in the entire Family File or just a search subset. The grid has six columns, the RIN number or User ID #, the individual's full name, their gender and three tag setting columns.  The area to the right of the grid contains six or seven tabs of information about the highlighted individual.  These include: 

Detail    This area shows detailed information about the highlighted individual in the list.  It also shows a three-generation pedigree chart at the bottom.  (click here for a complete description of this tab)

Edit   On this tab you can add or edit the individual's personal information.  (click here for a complete description of this tab)

Events   From here you can add or edit events for the current person.  (click here for a complete description of this tab)

Notes   General, Research and Medical notes can be added or edited on this tab.  (click here for a complete description of this tab)

Family   This tab shows the parents, siblings, spouses and children for the highlighted person.  (click here for a complete description of this tab)

Sources   You can add source documentation or edit existing sources here.  (click here for a complete description of this tab)

LDS   This tab lets you keep track of the LDS ordinance information.  (click here for a complete description of this tab)

Bolded Direct Line
If you have Set Direct Line as Preferred, and have turned on the option to Indicate direct-line children in lists (see paragraph 3.8 in Customize - Data Format), all direct line individuals in the list will be displayed in bold type.

Sorting the List
The Name List can be displayed in either Surname/Given Name order, Given Name/Surname order or by RIN numbers.  Click the #, Given or Surname button at the top of the window, or click in the text box to the right of each button.

Finding an Individual
If the list is long, you can search for an individual in the list by RIN, given name or surname.  To search by surname, click in the Last box and type the name you want to find.  Enter the surname first, followed by a comma and then the given name(s).  To search by given name, click in the Given box and type the given names, followed by a comma and then the surname if known.  To search by RIN, click in the RIN # field and type the number you want to locate.

Jumping Into the List
You can jump to the first name beginning with any letter by clicking the letter buttons above the grid.  You can also jump to the beginning or end of the list by clicking First or Last.

Selecting an Individual
To select an individual from the list, highlight the name and click Select, or double-click the name in the grid.  If you are in the process of selecting names for sharing events, there will be a column of checkboxes to the left of every list.  To select a name you must click on the checkbox.

Clicking the Sources icon displays the Assigned Sources window.  (See Citing the Sources of Your Information for more details on using this form.)

Button Bar (below the list of names) 
If any of the icons are colored, some information has been entered. The following buttons are found on the toolbar:

You can enter alternate names that the individual was known as by clicking the AKA icon .  These can include nicknames and alternate spellings.  See Alternate Names for more information.

Pictures (and other media)
Click on the Media icon to display the Media Gallery.  You can then add or edit pictures, sounds, video, documents, and web sites.  See Media Gallery for more information.

To-Do List
By clicking the To-Do icon , you can enter or edit research tasks for this individual.  See To-Do List for more information.

By clicking the Hashtag icon , you can add or change the Hashtag groups the individual is attached to.  See Here for more information about hashtags.  Click Here for information on how to add or remove hashtags from a search list.

Clicking the Options button below the list of names brings up a shortcut menu with the following:
  • Include Alternate Names - Turn on this option to include the Alternate Name entries for each individual in your family file.  When turned on, the alternate names, also known as AKA's, are shown in the list with a leading tilde (~) character.  (The tilde is not part of the sort sequence.  In other words, the tilde is added after the list is sorted so that you can tell which names are AKAs.)  See Alternate Names for more information.
  • Include Married Names  - This option inserts the married names in the list for each individual who has one.  Married names are displayed with a leading § character.  See Married Names for more information.
  • Show User ID# in List  - This option toggles the RIN column in the Name List with User ID#.  When the User ID#'s are being displayed, typing in the #: field at the top of the form searches for ID#'s.
    Edit Individual   Brings up the Information window for the currently highlighted person. (See Information Screen for detailed information.)
  • Delete Individual - Select this option to delete the current individual from the family file.  Before the person is actually removed, a Delete window appears showing any parents, spouses and children that are currently linked to the individual.  This is to insure that you know what you are doing.  If you really do want to delete the person, click Yes.  If you have changed your mind and want to back out, click Cancel.
  • Print…  -  You can print a report containing the list of individuals in the grid.  The List Report Options window appears where you can select the information you want to include on your report.  (See List Reports for more information.)
  • Add Hashtag to Everyone in List...  - Opens the Select Hashtag to Assign window where you can select a hashtag to be added to everyone in the current Search List.  Note: This option is only available when you are in the Search List.
    Remove Hashtag to Everyone in List... - Opens the Select Hashtag to Remove window where you can select a hashtag to be removed from everyone in the current Search List.  Note: This option is only available when you are in the Search List.
  • Advanced Deleting…   This lets you delete groups of people with a certain tag number or those contained in the current Search List.  (See Advanced Deleting for more information.)
  • Advanced Tagging… You can tag or untag any of the three current tag levels for an individual by double-clicking the appropriate tag column to the right of each name in the list.  Legacy also offers some advanced options for tagging records:  (See Advanced Tagging for more information.)
  • Advanced Sourcing…  Displays the Advanced Source Citation screen where you can assign the current Source Clipboard citation to multiple records in your family file.  (See Advanced Source Citations for more information.)
  • Set Living…  Displays the Set Living screen where you can have Legacy check the Living setting for individuals with no death or burial information.  (See Set Living for more information.)
  • Set Bookmark   Sets a bookmark on the currently highlighted person.
  • Go to Bookmark…  Pops up a list of all the people you have bookmarks set on.  Highlight the person you want to jump to and click Go To.
  • Customize Detail…  Displays the Customize Name List Fields screen.  (See Customize Name List Fields for more information.)
  • Zoom  You can increase or decrease the type size on the Name List, Tab List or Notes.  Larger font sizes are easier to read.  Smaller sizes display more information.

  • Find…  Displays the Search window where you can search for whatever you desire.  (See Searching for more information.)
  • Show Search List   This option causes the Name List to display the contents of the last search list.  (See How to Search for Individuals for more information.)
  • Show All Tagged   You can choose to limit the Name List contents to just those individuals who are tagged on a certain tag number.  Choose 1 through 9 (1 through 3 in the Standard Edition).
  • Show All Untagged   You can also display only individuals who are untagged on a certain tag number.  Again, choose 1 through 9 (1 through 3 in the Standard Edition).
  • Search Internet for Current Person  displays the Search the Internet screen.  (See Search the Internet for more information.)

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