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Name for Media Backup File

To backup the media files in the current Family File:

1. Choose Backup Files... from the File tab on the Ribbon bar.  The Backup dialog appears.
2. Make sure the correct drive and folder are selected, type in the desired file name for the backup copy and then click OK.

Legacy now compresses and saves all the picture, sound, video, and document files linked into the current Family File to the specified name, creating a ZIP file.  You can restore this backup copy by using a program like WinZip to decompress the files.

To restore media files:

1. Choose the zip file containing the backed up media files.
2. Open the file with the "unzip" utility you are used to using.  This may be WinZip, PKZip or a similar product.
3. Copy the different folders that appear into the locations where you want them to be.