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Merge Master Locations

The Merge Master Location window appears when you are:
  • Importing the Master Location List from another family file
  • Importing a GEDCOM file with location records
  • Combining duplicate location in the Master Location List.

    And the information items are not all identical.

    This screen allows you to select or combine the differing information into each merged location record.  

    To merge a location:
    1. Choose the desired Short Location Name.  If you want to replace the current (left) name is the location being imported or combined, click the button.
    2. Edit or combine the Notes.  If you want to copy the right notes to the left, replacing them, click the button.  To append the right notes to the left notes, click . You can edit the notes on the left side if desired before saving.
    3. Choose the desired latitude and longitude values.  To copy the right values to the left, click . You can also type directly into the left latitude and longitude fields.

    Note: You can copy either of the current latitude and longitude value pairs to the Windows Clipboard by clicking the small blue button   in the lower-right corner of the Latitude and Longitude windows.

    4. If you want to copy all the fields from the right record to the left, click .
    5. Click Save to save the merged location on the left.

    Automating the Merge
    If you don't want to be shown the Combine Master Location screen during the import, you can select an automatic procedure to be done instead.  In the "Or, from now on, during this import" box at the bottom of the screen, you can choose:

    To always keep the existing location information no matter what the other location shows, choose the Always keep the existing location items option before saving the current record.
    To always accept the incoming location information, including its blank fields, if any, choose the Always overwrite the existing location items with the incoming location items option.
    To copy information from the incoming location that is missing from the current location, choose the Always copy the incoming location items that are missing from the existing location option.

    Choosing one of these options effectively turns off the displaying of the Merge Master Location window for the remainder of the current operation.

    10-0174 : 20211 RK