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Merge Locations

The Merge Locations screen is used when you have selected a new location name from the Geo Location Database.  This can be from either the Master Location List or from any location field.  It is used to merge the newly selected Geo location information with the existing location information.  There are three pieces of information to merge, the long location name, the short location name and the latitude/longitude values.

When the screen is displayed, the existing information is shown in the upper box of each section and is labeled as Master.  The Geo information is shown in the lower box of each section and is labeled as Geo.  By default, the Geo information option buttons are selected.  To keep the existing Master information from any of the sections, click the Master option button.  You can edit any of the selected fields if desired before saving.  For example, you might want to remove a country name from the end of the Short Location Name field.  When you have made your selections, click Save.

10-0220 : 20227 RK