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Master Temple List

The Master Temple List is displayed by clicking the Temple button to the right of any temple input field.  It can also be reached by choosing Master Lists / Temple Names from the View tab on the Ribbon bar.

Selecting a Temple Name
You can select any temple in the list by highlighting it and clicking Select, or by double-clicking on the temple name.  Doing this returns you to the temple input field with the name filled in.

Finding a Temple Name
If you know the name of the temple and roughly how it is spelled you can search for it by typing in the beginning few letters.  As you type, Legacy jumps the grid display to the nearest match.  When you see the temple you are looking for, make sure it is highlighted and click Select, or double-click the name to select it.  You will then return to the original input field with the name filled in.

Adding a New Temple Name
When a new temple is built you can add it to the Master Temple List by clicking the Add button.  The Add/Edit Temple dialog box is displayed.  Enter the official temple abbreviation and the temple name as one string with a space-dash-space between them and click Save.  For example, SLAKE - Salt Lake City, UT.  

Editing a Temple Name
If you need to change the abbreviation or name of a temple (because you entered them wrong, or you imported a GEDCOM file with different spellings), highlight the name and click Edit.  When the Add/Edit Temple dialog box appears, make the necessary changes and click Save.  All records that point to this temple name will now refer to the newly edited version.

Other Options

Clicking the Options button displays a shortcut menu where you can choose from the following options:

Deleting a Temple Name
If you have a temple name in the Master Temple List that is no longer needed, you can delete it from the list by clicking Delete.  If the temple name is not referred to by any record in the Family File, the entry will be removed from the temple list.  If there is one or more record referring to the temple name, a message is displayed indicating that the temple name is being used and cannot be deleted. In this case, Legacy offers to display a list of all records currently using the temple name.

Tag and Untag
You can tag (and untag) the entries in the list.  This can be done one at a time or include the entire list.

Combining Duplicate Temple Names
When correcting misspelled entries, you may find that you end up with duplicate names within the Master List.  To remove these duplicates and clean up the list, choose the Combine option.  Legacy then goes through the list, combines the duplicates and moves the links.

Purging Unused 
To remove unused entries from the Master List, choose the Purge option.  Legacy checks each entry to see if it is being used.  If not, it is removed from the list.

You can import a list of temples from a different Family File by choosing the Import option.  Legacy prompts for the name of the other Family File and then loads its list.

Printing the List
You can print the contents of the list by choosing Print...  The list will appear in the Print Preview window where you can view it and print a copy.

Page Setup
You can change page orientation, margins, paper size, and font size before printing a report.

You can change the font size of the master list grid.

Jump with Edit Sorting
When you edit entry, it is immediately resorted into its new position in the Master List.  Sometimes this moves the entry far away from the current position.  You can choose to have the current position move to the new point in the list or to just stay where you were and move to the next entry.  If there is a checkmark next to the Jump with Edit Sorting option, the current position will move to the newly sorted position of the edited entry.  If there is no checkmark next to the option in the shortcut menu, the current position will just move down to the next entry.  Clicking the option toggles the checkmark on and off.

If you are working your way down the Master List, you can drop a bookmark to save your place until you return to resume the process.  Click Set Bookmark to drop a bookmark.  Click Go To Bookmark to return to the previously set bookmark.

Show List…
You can display a list containing all the individuals who use the highlighted temple name by clicking Show List…  The people who show in this list can then be tagged if desired.

Combining Multiple Entries
If you find two or more entries in the master list that should be the same, you can combine them into one "good" entry.  This is very easy to do in Legacy.  To combine multiple entries:

1. Choose one of the entries that you want to keep.  
2. Highlight all the other entries in the group.  If the group is contiguous, you can highlight the top entry and then hold down the shift key while you click on the bottom entry.  The entire group will then be highlighted.  If the various entries are not in a continuous block, highlight the first one and then press and hold down the Ctrl key while to click on each of the other entries in the group.  Each one will remain highlighted as you click the others.
3. Click the large button at the bottom of the window named Combine the highlighted name with another name in the list.  The caption on the button will now change to read Highlight the destination, then click this button.
4. Highlight the "good" entry line by clicking on it.
5. Click the large button at the bottom again.  All the "bad" entries are then combined with the "good" one and all the records in your family file that were pointing to the "bad" ones now point to the "good" one… (saving you potentially hours of editing).