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Master Mailing Address, Event Address, 
or Repository Address List

This list can be called the Master Mailing Address List, the Master Event Address List, or the Master Repository Address List depending on how it was displayed.  It contains the master address entries for the family file.  The addresses are stored only once in the file and can be used by multiple individuals, marriages and sources.

These lists can be displayed by clicking the Master Lists button on the View tab of the Ribbon bar, and then choosing Address Lists and then the list you want to display.

What It Shows
For each line there is a Tag column, a Verified column (that you can use if you want to go through and verify that each address is correct), an L column that indicates if the location has Latitude and Longitude values assigned, and an N field that indicates if the address has some notes attached.

To select a particular address, highlight its name and click the Select button.

To add a new address to the list, click the Add button and then enter the new address.  See Adding or Editing Addresses for more information.

To edit an address in the list, click the Edit button and then make any changes needed.

Other Options
Clicking the Options button on the Master Repository List brings up a shortcut menu where you can choose to:

This option removes the name of the highlighted address if it is not being used by anyone.  If the address is currently being referenced, a message displays and the address is not removed.  You must remove all references to a particular address before it can be removed from the Master Repository List.
Combine Duplicates...
This option combines any addresses that are identical in every way.
This option lets you print a report of all the addresses on the list.
Purge Unused...
This option removes any addresses that are not being cited from anywhere in the entire family file.
This option allows you to import various lists from other family files.  These include Addresses, Locations, Surnames, Event Types, Temples, Marriage Status, Source Types, Child Status, Picture Locations, and other Master Source Lists.
This option lets you vary the font size of the Master Repository List.

Select the Only Tagged checkbox to filter the list to only show those addresses that have been tagged.

The Address tab shows the currently highlighted address in its entirety, including any telephone numbers, home page address and e-mail address.  The Picture button displays any attached pictures, sounds, videos, or documents.   

Combining Addresses
If you find two addresses in the list that should be the same, you can combine them by:

1. Highlight the first address
2. Click the Combine the Highlighted Repository with Another Repository in the List button.
3. Highlight the address you want to combine it with.
4. Click the long button at the bottom again which now reads Highlight Destination Mailing Address, then Click this button.  The addresses are then combined into one entry.

9-0046 : 91116