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Marriage Report Options

The Marriage Report Options screen is reached by clicking the Options button on the Marriage List and then selecting the Print option.

You can set the following options before printing the report:

Include Tab
  • Marriage Date and Place - Includes the date and place of marriage.
  • MRIN/RIN Numbers - Includes the marriage and individual record ID numbers.
  • Date and Place of Birth, Christening, Death and Burial - Includes the date and place of these events.
  • Parents - Includes the parents of both the husband and wife.
  • Other Spouses - Includes any other spouses of the husband or wife.
  • Children - Lists the children from the marriage.

    Options Tab
  • Shading - Main Lines can have a shaded background for easier reading.
  • Lines - You can include vertical lines between columns and horizontal lines between rows.
  • Fonts - You can select the font used for printing the labels and data within the report.
  • Suppress details for Living people - Omits any detail information for persons marked as Living.  This includes birth, christening, death, burial, events, pictures etc.  Only the person's name is printed.  See Living Individualsfor more information.
  • Change name to "Living" - Prints the word "Living" in the place of the given names and surname of individuals marked as Living.

    Formatting Options 
    You can customize the look of the report by setting the format options.  Click Page Setup... to change the margins, page orientation, line spacing and print size.  (See Page Setup for more information.)  

    Where to Send the Report
    The report can be output to two formats.  Make your choice by clicking on the appropriate option button in the lower right.  The choices are:
  • Screen / Printer - Sends the report to either the Print Preview window or directly to your printer depending on whether you click the Preview or Print button.
  • PDF File - Generates the report, displays it in the Print Preview window and then creates an Adobe PDF (Portable Document File) file.  This file can be viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader and easily sent to other people by e-mail.  (This feature is part of the Deluxe Edition only.)

    When you have set all the options, click either the Preview button to see an on-screen view of the report before it is actually printed, or click Print to have the report sent directly to the printer.

    Change Fonts
    You can set the font name and size used to print the labels and record information on the report.  Click Change Fonts to display the Report Fonts window.

    Page Setup
    Click Page Setup... to change the margins, page orientation, line spacing and print size.  (See Page Setup for more information.) 

    Printer Setup
    Lets you change the page size before generating the report.  You can also change the target printer and its specific settings.

    Note:  The settings for the Marriage Report Option screen are saved in a file called MarrRpt.usr in the [My Documents]\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\Usr\ folder.

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