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Marriage List

The Marriage List is reached by choosing Marriage List from the View tab of the Ribbon bar.

What is Shown in the List
The Marriage List shows husband-wife combinations.  If a person was married three times, there are three entries in the list.

Sorting the Marriage List
The list can be sorted by the Husband's name, Wife's name or by the Marriage ID number (MRIN).  To sort the list, click MRIN, Husb or Wife button.  

Normally the names are shown in the list as Surname, Given Name.  If you would like to display them in Given Name, Surname order, click the Options button at the bottom of the window and select the Sort By Given Name, Surname option.   

Searching for a Husband or Wife
If the list is fairly long, you can search for either a husband's name or a wife's name by typing in the name, starting with the surname, in the appropriate text box at the top of the window.  As you type, the nearest matching name is displayed in the list.  You can also search by Marriage ID Number (MRIN) by typing the number into the MRIN box.

Jumping into the List
You can jump down into the list to the husband's (or wife's) names beginning with a certain letter by clicking the letter buttons above the grid.

Selecting a Marriage
To select a marriage, either highlight the line and click the Select button or just double-click the line.

Editing a Marriage or Individual
To edit the marriage information for a couple, click the Edit Marr. button.  The Marriage Information window appears.

To edit either the husband's or wife's information, click Edit Husb or Edit Wife respectively.  The Individual's Information window appears.

Printing the Marriage List
To produce a report containing the list of marriages, click Options and then choose Print from the dropdown menu.  (See Marriage Report Options for more information.)

You can set a bookmark in the marriage list, so that you can return to it later, by clicking the Set button.  To return to the bookmark, click the Goto button.

The following options are available by clicking Options:
  • Sort by Given Name, Surname     changes the sort order of the Husband or Wife column and shows the given names before the surnames.  When in this sort mode, this option changes to Sort by Surname, Given Name so that you can change back if desired. 
  • Print   displays the Marriage Report Options screen where you can print a Marriage List report.
  • Remove Marriage Link   unlinks the husband and wife from each other and from any children.
  • Advanced Tagging   displays the Advanced Marriage Tagging screen.  Here you can choose the three tags you want to show in the Marriage List grid.
  • Untag All  lets you remove the marriage tags for any of the displayed tag numbers in the list.
  • Zoom   zooms in and out, which changes the font size for the Marriage List.

    Tagging Marriages
    You can tag or untag any of the nine tag levels (three in the Standard Edition) for a marriage by double-clicking the appropriate tag column to the right of each entry in the list.

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