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Making a Backup Before Merging

Making a backup copy of your Family File before doing a Merge is a good practice.  The merge process changes the Family File, creating new links and destroying others.  If you merge two individuals who are not really duplicates, it is impossible to retrieve the deleted record unless you have a backup.

Legacy makes a temporary backup copy of the Family File automatically when you begin a merge but this backup is only available during the current session.  To undo the merge in progress go to Edit, you will see an option to undo the merge. This option will disappear when you close Legacy because the temporary backup will no longer exist.  When you quit Legacy, the temporary backup file is deleted.  If you discover later that you want to restore an earlier condition of your Family File, you can only do so if you have made a permanent backup.

To make a backup copy of your Family File, click Backup...

To continue on to the Merge Options window without making a backup, click Continue.

If you want to have this reminder message skipped whenever you do a merge, remove the check mark in the "Show this message each time you merge" box.