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Making a Backup Before Doing File Maintenance

Making a backup copy of your Family File before doing File Maintenance is a good practice.  The maintenance processes change the Family File.  If something goes wrong, your only recourse is to restore from a backup file.

This screen appears whenever you start a File Maintenance operation (unless you have turned off the prompt option).  File Maintenance operations are started by clicking on the File Maintenance button on the File tab of the Ribbon bar.   File Maintenance operations include Check Repair, List Cleanup, Compact Family File, and Set Sorting Order.

To make a backup copy of your Family File, click Cancel and then choose Backup File... from the File tab on the Ribbon bar.

To continue with the maintenance operation, click Proceed.

If you want to have this reminder message skipped in the future, remove the check mark in the "Show this message before each File Maintenance operation" box.  (You can turn the reminder back on by choosing Customize from the Options tab of the Ribbon bar and then clicking on the Other Settings option and then clicking the Turn on or off Optional Reminder Messages button.  This reminder message is on the Prompts/Reminders tab.)