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Loading a Picture

The Load Picture dialog box is displayed whenever you are loading a picture file.  Whenever a picture file name is highlighted, the picture is loaded into a preview window to the right of the form.  This quickly lets you see that you are selecting the picture you want.  When you have highlighted the desired picture, click OK.  (You can also double-click the picture name to select it.)

To change to a different drive, click the down arrow on the drive box and select it.  To change to a different folder within a drive, double-click the folder name in the folder box above the drive box.

You can quickly jump to a picture name in a long list of files by starting to type the file name of the picture into the Find box.  As you type each character, the closest matching file name is highlighted in the list.

Deleting a Picture
You can delete the currently highlighted picture file by pressing the Del key on the keyboard.  After confirmation, the file is erased from the disk.

Desktop and My Documents
If you would like to jump directly to your computer's Desktop area or your My Documents folder, click the Desktop or My Documents buttons.  These are handy buttons because these folders are located several levels below the root folder under the Documents and Settings folder and are not easy to navigate to.

The Media Gallery is reached by clicking the button on the Family View or by clicking on any existing picture displayed on either the Family View or Pedigree View