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Load Background

The Load Background window is reached by first right-clicking on the background area of the Family or Pedigree View and choosing Change Color Scheme (which puts you in color change mode), and then clicking on Select a Pattern.

To select a Background Picture/Pattern:

1. Click the Set... button on the Background Colors and Patterns window to the right of one of the two optional pattern boxes in the lower right corner.  The Load Background dialog appears.
2. Make sure the correct drive and folder are selected and then choose the picture you want to load and then click OK (or just double-click the file name).  The file must be a bitmap file.
3. Select whether you want the graphic to be tiled onto the background or stretched.  Tiling fills the background by starting from the upper-left corner and placing the graphic in its actual size, side-by-side, one row above the other.  Stretching takes the original file and stretches (or contracts) the image to fill the background.  Tiling is suited to small graphics that were made to fit the pattern together.  Stretching is suited to larger, higher-resolution graphics.

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