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Name List Reports

Whenever you create a list of individuals, you can print a report containing those names.  For example, if you search for all the people in your Family File who live in New Jersey, a grid list is displayed containing the names found.  This list can be printed by clicking the Print... button on the bottom of the grid window.

To print a List Report:

1. From either the Name or Search List, click Print.
2. Set the options, as described below.
3. Click either Print or Preview to view the report.

You can design up to three lines of information on the report made up of fields selected from the individuals.

Privacy Options
Privacy is of great concern when printing reports and books.  Legacy provides many options so that you can suppress and eliminate sensitive information, individuals, and marriages.  These include:

Suppression of Living Individuals and Their Families
  • Suppress Details for Living People 
  • Exclude Living People Totally 
  • Suppress Details for Deceased Spouses of Living Individuals 
  • Suppress Details for Deceased Children of Living Individuals 
    Override Privacy Settings
  • Include Private Individuals 
  • Include Invisible Individuals 
  • Include Private Marriages 
  • Include Private Child-Parent Relationships 
  • Include [[ Private ]] Notes 
  • Include Events Marked "Private
  • Include Master Events Marked "Private

    To open the Privacy Options screen, click the Privacy Options button along the right side of the screen. Also see Privacy Settings for more information about marking individuals and marriages as private.


    Row 1 Tab
    You can select the information you want to include on the report.  This can include:

    1.  Grid Fields:  The information from the actual grid.  That is, the RIN number, Name, Sex and any of the three tag fields.  
     Note: The Name field format will depend on how you have your Name List or Search List sorted.  If it is sorted by Surname or RIN, the Name field choice will be Surname, Given names.  If the Name List is sorted by Given Name, (ie. you have clicked the Given button to type in a given name to jump to in the list) the Name field choice will be Given names Surname.
    2.  Optional Fields:  Any of the optional detail information showing to the right of the grid.  By default the optional fields on Row 1 are the same as those selected to be displayed on the Detail tab of the Name List.  To select other fields to choose from, click Customize.  This brings up the Customize Name List Report Fields window.  From here you can select up to eight fields.  (See Customize Name List Fields for more information.)

    Place a checkmark to the left of any field you want to include on the report.

    Spread Proportionately Across One Page
    By checking this box, each selected field is proportionally spaced so that all the fields fit across one page.  If you remove the checkmark, you can set the width of each field manually.  If the combined width of all the fields is greater than a page width, the report is printed in strips. If you have fewer columns than would normally fit all the way across the page, you can choose this option to have the columns spread out proportionally to fill the entire width.

    Row 2 and Row 3 Tabs (Deluxe Edition Only)
    You can select addition information to be displayed on a second and third line for each individual on the report.

    To include additional fields on a second or third line:
    1. Click the Row 2 tab (or Row 3)
    2. Select the Include row 2 on the report option.
    3. If the fields you want to print are displayed in the Grid Fields list, select those you want.  If you want to choose from other fields, click Select Fields for Row 2 and choose up to eight fields.  (See Customize Name List Fields for more information.)
    4. If you would like the fields spread across one page width, select the Spread Proportionately Across One Page option.


    Report Title
    Enter the report title to be printed at the top of each page.

    Outside Border Around Report
    Prints a border line all the way around each page of the report.

    Vertical Lines Between Columns
    Prints a vertical line between each column of information on the report.

    Horizontal Lines Between Rows
    Prints a horizontal line under each row on information on the report.

    Line Numbers
    Numbers each line as the report is printed.

    Include RIN's
    Adds the RIN number to the end of the name of each main person in the report.

    Include Surrounding Relatives
    Includes the parents, spouses and children of each individual.  This is very helpful when trying to determine who a particular individual is.

    Include RIN's and MRIN's
    Includes the RIN number and MRIN number for each relative of the main individuals.

    Include Shaded Header
    Shades the header lines showing the field names at the top of each page.

    Include Shaded Names
    Shades every other name line on the report making it easier to see them.

    Handling Long Lines
    As the report is generated, you can have long lines chopped off at the right edge of the column or wrapped around into a taller vertical column.

    Printer Setup
    Click Printer Setup to display the window where you can select the printer you want to use.

    Page Setup
    Click Page Setup... to change the margins, page orientation, line spacing and print size.  (See Page Setup for more information.) 

    Change Fonts
    You can set the font name and size used to print the labels and record information on the report.  Click Change Fonts to display the Report Fonts window.

    Where to Send the Report
    The report can be output to various formats.  Make your choice by clicking on the appropriate option button in the lower right.  The choices are:

    Screen / Printer - Sends the report to either the Print Preview window or directly to your printer depending on whether you click the Preview or Print button.

    Comma Delimited - Creates a file with each field separated by a comma.  This file can then be easily loaded into a spreadsheet program.

    PDF File - Generates the report, displays it in the Print Preview window and then creates an Adobe PDF (Portable Document File) file.  This file can be viewed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader and easily sent to other people by e-mail.  (This feature is part of the Deluxe Edition only.).  

    When you have set all the options, click either the Preview button to see an on-screen view of the report before it is actually printed, or click Print to have the report sent directly to the printer.

    Note:  The settings for the List Report screen are saved in a file called Grid.usr in the [My Documents]\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\Usr folder.

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