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Legacy Home Tab

The Legacy Home tab on the main screen of Legacy brings you important information about your family file and also gives you a global view into the world of genealogy.  

Legacy News
The Legacy News box brings you articles and announcements about genealogy-related subjects.  The contents of this box are changed often so be sure to check back on a regular basis to see what is new.  Most of the articles and announcements contain only a summary of their content but each title is a link to complete information about the subject.

If you have an article or announcement that you would like to submit for inclusion in the newsletter, click the Submit link to the right side of the Legacy News box header.

To-Do Items
You can select the to-do tasks that you would like to be reminded of.  These reminders are displayed on the day you specify in the to-do item itself and remain visible until you either reschedule or cancel the reminder.  (See Adding a To-Do Task for more information on setting the Reminder Date.)

To edit a to-do item in the list, click anywhere on the task.  To display the full list of to-do items, click the To-Do List link to the right side of the To-Do Items box header.

Birthdays and Anniversaries
You will never forget the birthday or anniversary of your family members again.  Just tell Legacy who you want to be reminded of and they will automatically be displayed in this list.  You can even set how many days in advance of the event to include them.

Selecting the individuals and marriages to include in the list is done by putting a checkmark in the Birthday Reminder box on the Individual Information screen and the Anniversary Reminder box on the Marriage Information screen.

To edit an individual or marriage in the list, click anywhere on the desired entry.

This box shows you how many individuals, families and sources are currently in your family file.

The current Legacy version is displayed.  If a newer version is available, it is also shown along with a Download Now! link that you can use to download the newest update.  To manually check for updates, click on the title of the updates section and then choose Check for Updates on the Update screen.

  To check out the QuickTip video on Which version of Legacy do I have?, click here.

The Support box gives you easy access to a variety of technical support options as well as training material, bug reporting and submitting suggestions to make Legacy even better.  Just click on the desired option.  (All of the options here, except for the Legacy Help File link, require you to be connected to the Internet.)

The Legacy Home tab has a built-in browser that lets you view Internet content without ever leaving Legacy.  As you click the various links in the boxes, the navigation buttons in the upper-left corner can be used move Back and Forward, Refresh the current page, Stop the loading of a new page, or return to the original Legacy Home tab contents.

Clicking the Options button in the upper-right corner of the Legacy Home tab displays a popup menu with the following options:

Options - Displays the Legacy Home Options screen where you can indicate your Internet connection method and specify how many days in advance you want to be reminded of To-Do items, birthdays, and anniversaries. 

Zoom - Lets you specify the font size to use in the browser window.

Check the Internet Now - Checks the Internet (if you are connected) to refresh the News and Updates sections of the Legacy Home tab.

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