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Jumping To Bookmarks

You can set up to 200 bookmarks on individuals so that you can jump back to them at any time.  The Bookmark List is saved between sessions and is available each time you use Legacy.

To reach the Bookmark screen:
Click the Bookmark button in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Jumping Back to an Existing Bookmark
When the list is displayed, either highlight the desired name and click Goto or double-click on the name you want to jump back to.

Removing a Bookmark
To remove a name from the Bookmark List, highlight the name and click Remove.

Clearing the Bookmark List
You can clear the entire Bookmark List, removing all the names, by clicking Clear.

Changing the Text Size in the Grid
If you are using a high resolution setting on your video card that results in a smaller bookmark window, you can stretch the window to a larger size.  When you do this, the font size for all buttons and lists is increased in size automatically.  If you want to see more names in the bookmark list you can click Zoom to toggle between the smallest font size and the default size.