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Index View (Deluxe Edition only)

The Index View displays all the individuals in your family file.  The information displayed includes the record number (RIN), full name, sex, and birth and death date and place.  The list can also show any AKAs that individuals might have if you have the Include AKAs in List option turned on (see Options below) .  Alternate names are shown with a leading tilde (~) so you can tell the difference. The columns can be customized to display many different pieces of information.

The Index View is displayed by clicking the Index tab on the main Legacy screen.
  To check out the QuickTip video on Viewing more in the Index View, click here.

Sorting the List
The Index View can be displayed in either surname, given name order, or RIN number order.  Clicking the Surname, Given or RIN button at the top of the window, or clicking in the Surname, Given or RIN box redisplays the list in that order.

Bolded Direct Line
If you have Set Direct Line as Preferred, and have turned on the option to Indicate direct-line children in lists (see paragraph 3.8 in Customize - Data Format), all direct line individuals in the list will be displayed in bold type.

Finding an Individual
If the list is long, you can search for an individual in the list by RIN, given name or surname.  To search by surname, click in the Last box and type the name you want to find.  Enter the surname first, followed by a comma and then the given name(s).  To search by given name, click in the Given box and type the given names, followed by a comma and then the surname if known.  To search by RIN, click in the RIN # field and type the number you want to locate.  

Changing the Columns
To customize the columns:
1. Click on any of the column headings.  This displays the Customize Index View Columns screen.
2. Add or change the pieces of information you want to display in each column.  (See Customize Descendant and Index View Columns for more information.)
3. Click Close.

To change the column widths:
You can change the width a column by dragging its right header boundary to the desired width.  Legacy then remembers these width settings.

Clicking Options displays a shortcut menu with these options:

Include AKAs in List   inserts the alternate names for any individuals who have them into the name list.  Alternate names are displayed with a leading tilde character (~).  See Alternate Names for more information.
Include Married Names   inserts the married names for married individuals.  Married names are displayed with a leading character  See Married Names for more information.
Change Sort/Search to User ID#   changes the RIN # search field to User ID#.  When you use this field to search, the closest matching User ID number is located in the list.  (If you are using the User ID # for searching you should include the User ID # as one of the columns in the Index View.)
Customize Columns   displays the Customize Index View Columns window where you can select the columns you want to include.
Zoom   lets you select the font size used in the Index View list.

You can edit anyone in the list by right-clicking an individual's name and choosing Edit from the shortcut menu.   (You can also double-click the name.)  The Information screen for that person is then displayed.

Changing the User Interface Colors
You can change the colors of all of the screen items to anything you like.  To get into color-change mode, right-click on the background of the View and choose Change Color Scheme... from the menu.  You can now starting clicking on the various items on the screen to change their color or pattern.  See Setting a Color Scheme for complete information on how to do this.

Quick Bookmarks

At the bottom of the main window, below the Pedigree View and just above the bottom status bar, are three bookmark boxes labeled with a small 1, 2, and 3.  These are called Quick Bookmarks.  These can be used to set three frequently used bookmarks that are always visible.  See Bookmarks for complete information on how to set, use, and clear Quick Bookmarks.

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