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Index Options

Index Styles
To choose the type of index, click Index Options… on the report's dialog box.  The following options are available:

Birth & Death Years on Names
To include the birth and death years at the end of each name in the index, select the Birth & Death Years on Names checkbox.

Include Alternate Names
To include each individual's alternate names in the report index, select this option.  The alternate names are shown with a leading tilde character (~).

Include Married Names
To include the married names of the individuals in the name index, select this option.  (Married names are entered on the Marriage Information screen, either manually or automatically, depending on the married name rule setting.)

Index Style
Select the index style you want to use.

Style 1  
    Allen, 16
    Mary, 23

Style 2
SMITH, Allen, 16
SMITH, Mary, 23

Uppercase SURNAMES
Mark this box if you want to print all surnames in uppercase letters.

Indexes can be printed in one, two or three columns per page.  Click the desired option.

Use Leaders. . . .
To right-justify the page numbers within each column and include a dotted leader between the name and the page numbers, select the Use Leaders checkbox.

Start Indices at Odd Page Numbers
To assure that the name and location indexes begins on an odd numbered page (a right-hand page), select the Start Indices at Odd Page Numbers checkbox.  When the report is printed, a blank page will be inserted before the name and location indexes if needed to ensure that they start on an odd page.

Include a Location Index (Deluxe Edition only)
You can choose to create a location index made up of all the place names encountered while generating the report.  This is a good way to see the various people that lived in the same locations.  (This option is not available on some reports.  Reports output to RTF format also do not include a Location Index due to the inability of word processors to process two different index code groups.)

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