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Import Lists

You can copy various lists that you have built in other Family Files.  These include lists for locations, surnames, event names, temple names, source types, marriage and child status, and media locations.

When you are entering information into one of these lists, if the entry is already in the list, the automatic type-ahead feature of Legacy fills in the remainder of the word(s) for you.  Pre-loading a list with the entries you commonly use can greatly increase the speed of adding new information.

To import the lists from other Family Files:
To select a Family File to import Lists from:

1. Click Options on any master list window (Surname, location, event type, temple, source type, marriage status, child status, picture folder or master source list). The Select a Family File dialog appears.
2. Choose Import from the shortcut menu.  The Import Lists window appears.
3. Click Browse and then select a family file to import from.
4. Click on the checkboxes for the lists you want to copy.
5. Click Import Lists.

Resetting Lists to Their Default Settings
Some lists, including Event Names, Temple Names, Source Types, Marriage Status and Child Status, start with a pre-defined set of entries.  If you have removed some of these entries by deleting them from the various lists, and would like to restore them, click Import Defaults....

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