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Import Complete

The current import of records is complete.  New individuals have been added to your Family File.  You can either:
  • Return to the Family/Pedigree view -  If the individuals you have just imported do not duplicate any individuals who were originally in the Family File, you can just leave them appended at the end.  These new individuals and lines can be linked into your existing lines or they can just stay in the Family File as separate lines.  If you are not sure if any of the imported names are duplicates of the original names, you should use the Merge process to check them.
  • Go directly to the Merge option -  Often times, importing new individuals into a Family File results in one or more duplicate individuals.  Legacy's Merge option can find these duplicates and merge them together into one person.  (See Merging for more information.) 

    10-1266 : 20227 RK