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Which Source System to Use?

The first time you enter a new source citation in Legacy, you are asked which source system you want to use. There are two source systems that you can use when documenting your information within Legacy, the Basic System and the SourceWriter system.

Basic System
The Basic System use a rudimentary and straight forward entry system but doesn't offer the expert help needed in order to automatically produce correct citations.  With this system you simply fill in an author, title, and publication facts.  From this information a standard citation is built.  Click here for more information about the Basic system.

SourceWriter System
The SourceWriter systems is new and started in version 7 of Legacy.  SourceWriter is a template driven sourcing system that makes it easy for you to select the correct input screen so that you enter all the pieces needed to correctly cite any source of information in the thousands of formats that exist for them.  The information you enter is correctly and precisely formatted to match the genealogy industry standards for source citations.  Click here for more information.

Click Basic System or SourceWriter to select the system you want to start using.  

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