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Privacy Settings

Privacy for living individuals is important in today's society.  When printing reports and creating web pages and wall charts, oftentimes your living relative do not want their information shown for fear of identity theft.  In other situations, you may not want to have certain individuals mentioned at all.  See Living Individuals.

You can select a Privacy setting of Not Private, Private , or Invisible for any individual in your family file.  By default, newly added people are set to Not Private.

To select a Privacy Setting:

1.  From the individual's Information screen, click the Privacy Settings button.
2.  From the Privacy Settings screen, choose the desire level of privacy.
3.  Click Save.


Not Private- These individuals are included on all appropriate reports, and web pages with all of their information.  They are also included in exported files.
Private - These individuals are included on reports and exports but their name is shown as "Private" and none of their other information is shown.
Invisible - These individuals are not included at all on reports and are not exported (unless the override option is selected).  It is as if they do not exist.  Any continuing ancestor or descendant lines that extend from main line invisible individuals are also excluded when printing reports.  They, in effect, cause a dead end when printing.  For example, on an ancestor report, if the father is invisible and the mother is not, the father won't be mentioned and his ancestor line will stop - but the mother's line will continue.  On a descendant report, if a child is marked as invisible, that child will not be mentioned and his or her line will stop.  If the spouse of a child is marked invisible, the spouse will not be mentioned but the descendant line will continue.

Note: Pedigree and Individual pages on web pages are not generated from a starting person. Therefore, although Invisible people are skipped, their ancestors and descendants still have pages generated for them.

Note:  If a spouse of a descendant is marked as Invisible and the descendant is not Invisible and they had children, the spouse will not be mentioned at all (as if he or she doesn't exist) but the children and further descendant will be included in the report.  It will act the same way as if the invisible spouse was never entered into the family file but the children were.

Note:  There are other places in Legacy where you can select privacy options.  For example, you can choose to suppress or exclude living individuals, suppress the spouses and children of living individuals, and suppress private events and notes when printing reports or exporting files.  You can also select Private as a Child-Parent relationship or a Marriage status to suppress information.

(The Privacy Settings screen is reached by clicking the Privacy Settings button on the Individual Information screen.)

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